Escort Agency Melbourne

Escort Agency Melbourne is a Melbourne based Escort service, offering high class female companions to your hotel room.

If you have never called upon the services of an Escort Agency before, welcome! There is always a first time to experience anything, and no better time to 'pop your cherry' than right now. Many first time clients often report back saying they wished they had availed the services of a high class Escort sooner. Melbourne Escorts encourages all new clients to have a quick read of their online First Time Booking an Escort guide. It covers most FAQ areas and how the booking process works. If you have any further queries or questions, don't hesitate to contact reception at any time.

Melbourne Escorts your premier Melbourne Escort Agency

No matter whether you are experienced or inexperienced in dealing with a Melbourne Escort Agency; Melbourne Escorts are here for you every step of the way. If you are unsure of what type of service you are looking for, they are here to assist you. Conversely, if you know exactly what type of Escort experience you are looking for, they are also here to accommodate your needs. All receptionists have had extensive training, not just in high end customer service, but specifically the Sex and Escort industry.

One of the fundamental reasons why people prefer to use a Melbourne Escort Agency is that you operate in full discretion. In a modern digital age where our private life's are continually being compromised, the services of a Melbourne Escort Agency allow you to not leave the security and safety of your hotel room. You can contact reception at any time on 1300 15 16 17, or via an online contact form.

Melbourne Escorts understands that your privacy is paramount, and protected every step of the way. No one knows what you're up to, or what you are doing. You are not seen entering a Melbourne Brothel or Parlor. When your high class Escort arrives, if she is seen by anyone, they will simply think or assume it is another guest or business associate you're meeting with. As you can see, privacy is protected every step of the way with a high class Escort Agency Melbourne such as Melbourne Escorts. Take a sneak peak at The Escort Gallery, to give you a taste of just how discrete and high class these ladies are.

Melbourne Escort Agency that understands you

We are a premier, high class Melbourne Escort Agency that prides itself on providing quality customer service, high class Escort experiences and above all, delivering what you ask for.

Under no circumstance, does Melbourne Escorts misrepresent or mislead any Escort or service that is offered.

As a customer, you can be rest assured and take confidence when booking with us that we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you have asked for. A major cornerstone to Melbourne Escorts being a successful Escort Agency is understanding exactly what each individual client needs, and ensuring quality with each and every booking. There is nothing more frustrating as a consumer, than excitement and anticipation of the arrival or delivery of something; and then discovering it is not what you wanted. This applies to ordering an item of clothing online, a pizza to be delivered, and in this instance - having an Escort arrive on your door, and she isn't what you asked for. Rates and booking information for all Escorts can be viewed here.

Book an Escort in confidence with Melbourne Escorts

When you speak with our receptionists, they will spend time with you to determine exactly what you are looking for in your Escort experience. It is only after determining exactly what you need, you can then be matched with an Escort that is not only going to satisfy your needs; but exceed your expectations.

Reception staff will discuss with you which Escort is a match based on the information you initially provided. This may include any particular details you are looking for in your sexual service, specific personality traits and/or looks your Escort has. Once you have confirmed you are happy with what has been discussed, only then will the booking process proceed.

If for some reason we do not have what you are looking for, e.g. during very busy periods, very short notice, or in fact we simply do not have what you are looking for on a given day or night - we will tell you so. Our reception staff won't hide this fact, or try and upsell you an Escort that doesn't suit your needs. Reception staff will definitely give you options while talking with you, but under no circumstance will you be misled or have an Escort misrepresented to you. If there is not a suitable alternative that will satisfy your needs, as a high class service provider, we would rather regretfully decline your business in this instance and invite you to call us back at a later stage; or make a booking in advance to secure time with an Escort that will blow your mind.

In this instance, declining your booking will prevent your disappointment - as in this instance, you would not have been receiving what you have asked for or wanted. Preventing customer disappointment is far more important to us than trying to make a short term monetary gain. This policy has ensured clientele retention Australia wide, and given us a trusted name over many years as the premier Melbourne Escort Agency.

Call our high class Melbourne Escort Agency today on 1300 15 16 17 to book with privacy and confidence - knowing you will receive exactly what you asked for.