Stop Illegal Sex Trade In Melbourne

Sexy Melbourne Escorts is a legitimate, licensed Melbourne Escort Agency operating in Melbourne Victoria. Book a female Escort from our legitimate Melbourne Escort Agency in confidence, knowing that you're not only engaging in safe and legal prostitution practices; but you're also not fueling the seemingly endless boom in the illegal sex trade in Melbourne.

Help stop illegal Melbourne Sex Businesses operating by sharing this article, and any news articles online with friends and colleagues. Increasing awareness in society is key in stopping the illegal sex trade. If you suspect an illegal Melbourne Brothel is operating near you, report it to police; but most importantly report it in writing to your local member of parliament.

Another new article published this week 17/10/2017, The Herald Sun - Victoria Police warns illegal brothel customers they can be charged by entering illegal sex establishments.

The Victorian Police are trying to crack down on illegal Sex Workers, illegal Sex Work clients and the operators of these businesses that are not licensed by the government.

Illegal Melbourne Brothels And Escort Agencies

The Herald Sun online published two articles within an 8 day period during January 2017, outlining issues with illegal Melbourne brothels that are posing as seemingly innocent "massage parlors" and "beauty salons".

The first publication 22/01/2017, The Leader Community News North West (Victoria), titled "Hundreds of illegal brothels masquerading as massage shops, karaoke bars and beauty salons in Melbourne".

The second publication 30/01/2017, The Leader Community News Outer East (Victoria), titled "Illegal brothels suspected to be running in Heathmont, Croydon and Ringwood".

This is not the first time The Herald Sun online or The Leader Community News publication has reported on illegal Melbourne brothels / Melbourne Escorts - as mentioned in each article, little seems to be done to effectively police the issue. Numerous complaints to either local council or police seem to fall on deaf ears. One article mentions a police spokesperson saying that "What we can say is that one of the things that makes it so difficult is simply the size of the illegal industry". If it is a well established fact that the illegal Melbourne Sex Industry is growing, shouldn't more police resources be used to control it? Furthermore, one individual speculates that "she feared for the safety of women working in Melbourne’s estimated 500 illegal and unregistered sex premises".

500 illegal Melbourne Brothels / Melbourne Escort Agencies? 500? I think the approximate number of legal Melbourne Brothels and Melbourne Escort Agencies is around 65 in total. With an estimated 500 illegal Melbourne Brothels, imagine how many individual illegal Melbourne Escorts are being employed by those business and consequentially are being exploited? It really is a sickening thought. This puts not only the Sex Workers at risk, but also clients who frequent these workers/establishments.

One of the articles above provides a quick guide on "how to spot an illegal brothel"; let's be honest, you don't need to be a high ranking detective/investigator to determine it is highly unlikely, that a legitimate massage service that is providing genuine therapeutic massage is open at 11pm for business? Furthermore, it is also strange that you never seem to ever see a female client entering or leaving one of these premises; only men coming and going.

Dangers of Illegal Melbourne Brothels and Illegal Sex Trade

Let's put the legal/illegal argument aside for a brief moment. The paramount issue that is associated with illegal Melbourne Brothels / illegal Melbourne Escort services; health and safety. Legal Melbourne Brothels and a Melbourne Escort Agency such as this, are required by law to obtain health certificates from any Sex Worker that represents either the Brothel or Agency. No health certificate, no work - it really is as simple as that. This is important for both the Sex Worker, and the client who uses their service.

With the booming illegal sex trade in Melbourne, many workers who approach Melbourne Escorts looking for work - as soon as they are asked to provide a health certificate, many never return the email / phone call. Why? Because unfortunately they can continue to operate either as a sole illegal Melbourne Escort, or join an illegal Melbourne Brothel disguised as a legitimate massage service - without fear of the law prosecuting them. As I mentioned, lets still keep the legality of this debacle to the side.

Let's use the figures estimated in the articles mentioned above - 500 illegal sex work businesses operating in Melbourne, if each business had only 3 illegal Sex Workers; 1500 workers who are potentially transmitting/contracting disease with each booking - in Melbourne alone. Continuing with my mathematical marvel: 1500 workers, let's estimate they work a conservative 4 days per week, seeing a very conservative 5 clients per day.

1500 X 20 = 30,000 people per week that are at risk of contracting disease/transmitting a disease every week. 30,000 people in Melbourne at risk is absolutely epic.