10 Things You Shouldn’t Ask Your Melbourne Escort

From many years of providing a high class Melbourne Escort Agency experience to clientele from all walks of life, from local to abroad, from celebrities and royalties to the average Joe down the road – we can share some basic things that as a client, you simply should not bring up or ask your Melbourne Escort.

Many people can overstep the boundaries of the Melbourne Escort-Client relationship without realising. Many clients have questions due to innocent curiosity, and an eagerness to hear about a world that often seems taboo. Sure, there are a very small percentage that are happy to over step the boundaries and knowingly be intrusive.

Men and women (yes many women form a ‘couple’ who are looking for a bisexual female Escort experience with their male partner) who seek the services of our high class Melbourne Escort Agency must understand that despite the friendliness and professionalism, there is still a clear client-Melbourne Escort relationship that must be honored and respected.

Get The Best Out Of Your Melbourne Escort Experience

When you book an Escort in Melbourne with Melbourne Escorts, your lady of choice as soon as she enters work mode – leaves her personal life behind; this is much before she has entered your Hotel room.

She is a human; most often a very caring, intuitive, personable human being – who like all of us, would like to get the most out of our working relationship. Yes, as a prostitute same applies. All ladies who represent our Melbourne Escort Agency do so of choice, and love what they do.

To get the most out of your companionship experience, please don’t… Just don’t go here:

Don’t be a cheap Charlie! First of all, you were fully aware of the total cost of the booking. Ultimately you’ve entered into an agreement once you accepted the terms of your booking and told the receptionist of the Melbourne Escort Agency to proceed. Also don’t offer some form of bartering such as ‘if i give you …’ will you take x amount off the total price. Instantly you will come across as cheap and nasty, and ultimately offensive.

“I’m clean trust me”. You may have surgical standard hygiene practices, however there is really only one way to know for sure (let’s not risk it and let your Escort discover later) that you’ve showered – have a quick shower. This is not an offensive suggestion by your Melbourne Escort, rather standard practice for all clients. You should be happy your lady has high standards.

As a licensed Sex Work Provider Business in Victoria, license issued by the Victorian Government, safe sex practices apply. All the time.

This implies, will you see me for free. If you may have bumped into your Melbourne Escort, not in these circumstances (client-Escort relationship) at a bar and began chatting – totally different. Again, remember, your Escort is in work mode and will not entertain the idea of dating clients. Sex during an Escort booking, is about pleasing the client, and the Escort enjoying sex with the client. Ultimately sex is work.

No arrogance intended, but as a client you should feel very privileged you have time with a sexy Melbourne Escort who is providing you with the ultimate pleasure. It is absolutely none of your business how many clients your lady sees in a day or evening. Remember, asking anyone anything that could potentially calculate how much money someone is earning or may have with them (Melbourne Escort Agency policy does not allow any Escorts to carry cash on them from previous bookings) can seem threatening and confronting.

Many of our ladies do have partners and are in loving relationships, while many choose to remain single. Either way, that is not something that should be discussed as it is very private. Again, respect the distinction between working life as a high class Escort and private life.

As with the previous question, it is very personal. No matter what profession someone is in, whether they choose to divulge private information to their family is their choice and for them to share with someone if they choose. Personal, intrusive questions should not be considered part of the mood while you’re spending time with a sexy hot female companion.

Asking this question is almost as offensive as asking for reduced rates. In the Escort world, we’d like to think it is because someone is very new, green and a first time client who doesn’t realise they are overstepping the mark.

99.9% of all female Escorts in Melbourne use fake names, ‘working name’ to provide some anonymity to working as a high class Melbourne Escort.

This is an absolute no brainer, but sadly it does exist in the Escort world. Our Melbourne Escort Agency never ever misrepresents any of the ladies who represent our brand. If for some reason you’re not happy with who has arrived at your door, call reception. Please don’t be arrogant and insulting to the lady who has turned up on your door.

The world of high class Escorting is a business, end of story. For that business to run smoothly, and not have any Escorts late for future bookings (imagine your Escort was 15 minutes late to see you), all ladies must run on time. If you’d like to get an extension on your booking, your lovely lady will have to phone Escort Agency reception staff to see if it is possible.

Melbourne Escort Agency Here For Your Pleasure

We love the business we are in, the ultimate unique experiences we provide to each and every client – no matter your preference in the bedroom or your companionship needs, Escorts Melbourne are here to make it happen.

Common sense prevails in all service industries – the nicer you are as a client, or the more appeal you have, the nicer the service provider will be to you. Prostitution is no different.

Call 1300 15 16 17 at any time to discuss your female companionship needs – whether you’re a single male, or a couple looking for the ultimate bisexual female Escort experience; we are here to take good care of you.

Any questions about this guide? Contact reception directly.

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