Female Escort Work Melbourne

Are you considering becoming an Escort or are you already an Escort, and simply looking for more work? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Melbourne Escorts not only has ongoing Escort employment for the right person, but also provides general Escort advice if you have any questions or queries.

In Victoria, despite the large demand and need, it is currently illegal to advertise for Escort positions or Escort employment opportunities; even for a licenced Melbourne Brothel and Melbourne Escort Agency such as Sexy Melbourne Escorts.

What sort of female Escorts are clients ringing for?

It is no surprise that female Escort work is in huge demand – both bisexual female Escorts and heterosexual female Escorts.

There is no exact ‘type’, ‘look’ or ‘Escort experience’ clients are looking for. Clients ring for all different types. In most instances, all clients will have a preference for 3 things:

  • Age: some clients are looking for young (minimum age 18 years old), mid 20’s, right through to cougars who are in their 40’s and even older.
  • Look: some clients will be very specific in a look that they prefer. e.g. sporty, fit, athletic, bodybuilder, curvy, big ass, big breasts, skinny; just to name a few. Then many will have a preference for skin colour: pale skin, tanned skin and dark skin. Hair: short or long. Then colour: blonde, brunette, red, black and any colour or shade you can imagine in between. Eye colour: many will have a preference as to light or dark. However some clients will specify: blue, brown, hazel, black, green.
  • Sexual service: clients can be very general or specific when it comes to what sexual service they are looking for from an Escort. Some clients will say they want a vanilla service; some will want no massage, but more of an emphasis on oral and penetration at the end. Many will be wanting to try and experiment with different positions. At the other end of the vanilla sexual service spectrum are kinks and fetishes. Some clients will be in search of something specific such as: anal sex, foot fetish and being tied up, just to name a few.

Melbourne Escorts offers unique Escort experiences

As you can see from above, there really are a large number of different things a client can want in an Escort experience. It really isn’t as simple as ‘I want a young female Escort who is good looking and good at sex’.

Melbourne Escorts is Melbourne’s premier high class Escort Agency, specialising in providing each and every client a unique Escort experience; tailored to their needs and wants. No generic, ‘one size fits all’ or ‘near enough is good enough’. Near enough is not good enough and Melbourne Escorts conducts its business to the highest of standards. If a clients requests and needs are not a near-perfect match with an Escort, the booking will not be made.

The best way to describe the demand for female Escorts is that it varies greatly from client to client. Every client is unique in their own way, and in turn; the Escort experience they are looking for will also be slightly different to the last service you provided; and indeed the next client you see. Yes there will be some aspects that overlap but ultimately, every Escort experience a client receives will be unique.

Melbourne Escort Services Provided

Melbourne Escorts prefer to refer to services provided as experiences, as an Escort experience is far more personal and satisfying, than simply receiving a service.

Not all Melbourne Escort experiences are sexual. There are clients who simply want company, and some intimate non sexual companionship. There is also a large demand for accompanying clients to corporate functions, media releases, sporting events and restaurants; just to name a few.

The service of an Escort can be called upon at almost any time. Bookings can be made on the spot, or within hours of wanting to spend time with a sexy Escort. Or bookings can be made in advance; if you have a specific Escort in mind that you would like to spend time with, or to avoid missing out – it is always advised to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Bookings can be from early to mid morning, during the working day, or throughout the evening. There really is no typical or ‘standard’ time that bookings occur. The shortest booking length a client can book is 1 hour, and the longest booking Melbourne Escorts have had is 5 days.

Contact Melbourne Escorts for Escort Work

Firstly, it is important to make this very clear and to dispel any myths, rumors, uncertainties or the like about working in the Victorian Sex Industry (Escort Industry) for a licenced, legal Melbourne Escort Agency or Brothel:

  • It is both safe and legal to work for a licenced Escort Agency such as Sexy Melbourne Escorts.

As a licenced Melbourne Escort Agency, Sexy Melbourne Escorts must adhere to very high standards of operation and abide by strict laws that protect the entire community. This includes the general public, clients and Sex Workers (Escorts) themselves.

Those who have worked as an Escort will know, and those who are new to the industry (welcome!) will certainly find out; Escorts are often in demand around the clock. Lets be honest, the time a client can need an Escort is really 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Can you think of a time an Escort may not be required? Despite this massive demand, Sexy Melbourne Escorts encourage all Escort’s to have plenty of rest so they are not exhausted or fatigued either mentally and/or physically.

Any Escort who is currently affiliated with Sexy Melbourne Escorts, or has been in the past, will tell you security is absolutely paramount and an integral part of the daily operations of the business. Sexy Melbourne Escorts provides excellent security at all times. Security policies and procedures are in place and are continually reviewed; so that at all times Escort’s feel safe and secure.

Please note that no Escort is directly employed by Sexy Melbourne Escorts. Rather an individual Escort is a representative of the licenced Escort Agency. Sexy Melbourne Escorts receives a fee for receiving the booking, and the Escort is paid by the client for providing them the service of prostitution. Rates charged by the Escort Agency are fully disclosed on the rates page.

If you would like to contact Sexy Melbourne Escorts, please do so via the contact form online or call directly on 1300 15 16 17