Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Escorts Melbourne

We have Girlfriend Experience (GFE) Escorts in Melbourne available now who offer the ultimate intimate, sensual and pleasurable girlfriend experience to clients. You can book our Girlfriend Experience Melbourne Escorts any day or night of the week, all year round.

The main difference when you book a Girlfriend Experience with our Melbourne Escorts, compared to a standard Melbourne Escorts booking, is that the focus of a Girlfriend Experience is intimacy and passionate sexual pleasure between you and your gorgeous Escort.

A Melbourne Escorts Girlfriend Experience is not a wham-bam quick blow-and-go service or experience. As such, we always suggest you book for a minimum of 1.5 hours to begin to reap the full rewards of a true GFE. A booking of a minimum of 1.5 hours ensures that your GFE experience is not rushed, flows naturally, doesn’t appear clinical or like a transaction in anyway; most importantly it allows natural intimacy to develop between you and your stunning Melbourne Escort.

You can expect a level of intimacy, affection, passion, pleasure-filled and devotion that you’d expect from a loving, caring girlfriend. All attention is on you, and our GFE Melbourne Escorts will go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied and pleasured; you’ll feel like a king.

It is very common for clients who regularly book Melbourne Escorts Girlfriend Experience to book for several hours or book an overnight stay. Longer bookings enhance your Girlfriend Experience because you get to establish a better connection and rapport with your GFE Escort. Not feeling time pressured to ‘fit everything in’ is the key to enjoying your GFE.

Many clients enjoy pampering themselves and their lady by:

  • getting massages
  • room service
  • romantic dinners
  • breakfast out
  • shopping
  • enjoying the hotel spa or pool.

Your Girlfriend Experience will make you feel so special and you’ll enjoy your time so much, no amount of time will be enough – gentlemen, you won’t want your GFE Escort to leave!

Many clients enjoy the following as part of their GFE (just to name a few):

  • Engaging conversation on topics of your choice
  • Deep French Kissing (DFK)
  • Dinner companion / Shopping companion
  • Passionate oral sex on your GFE Escort
  • Affectionate cuddling, caressing and spooning
  • Sensual massage
  • Extended foreplay

If you’re a seasoned punter, yet never booked a Melbourne Escorts Girlfriend Experience – you’ve been missing out! Let your next Melbourne Escorts booking absolutely blow your mind – experience what the hype is all about. Relax, unwind and be pampered.

Please view our Melbourne Escorts rates for more information. Please also note, that a Girlfriend Experience is not a ‘standard’ experience or service – as such it is available in the Platinum Escorts range.

Booking a Melbourne Escorts Girlfriend Experience

Booking a Girlfriend Experience with our Melbourne Escorts is very easy and straight forward.

Our well trained reception staff will guide you through the process, ensuring you’re going to have the ultimate Girlfriend Experience that is specific to your needs. There are no ‘rules’ or specific guidelines when it comes to how a Girlfriend Experience should be – mentioned above are examples of what many of our clients enjoy as part of their GFE; however your Melbourne Escorts GFE can be entirely up to you.

For example, you may wish to have the following within your 6 hour booking:

  • Staying at Crown Casino Melbourne, 6pm-midnight
  • Dinner at a Melbourne restaurant located 10 min from Crown Casino (2hours)
  • Back at your hotel room, receive a nice massage then enjoy a spa and a few drinks
  • Romance, intimate cuddling, face-sitting, sex different positions
  • Chatting and wind-down for the evening

As mentioned, a true Girlfriend Experience will focus on the rapport and connection between you and your GFE Escort. For a sensual, deep level of intimacy to occur – firstly, you must get along and enjoy each others company. Reception will suggest a companion based on the following:

  • Physical attributes you’re attracted to
    • Blonde? Brunette?
    • Body type – Slim? Athletic? Skinny? Chubby?
  • The sexual interests you have
    • Anal? Kinks? Fetishes?
  • The interests you have
    • Are you attracted to quiet or boisterous personality types?

Ticking each of these boxes even in the most general sense, ensures that not only will there be sexual attraction, but also the chemistry to heighten the sexual attraction both mentally and physically – creating a true Girlfriend Experience that you won’t want to end.

Contact reception online (replied via email) to arrange a pleasurable intimate Girlfriend Experience. We suggest contacting our reception staff in writing so you can include as much detail as possible. If you’d like to speak with reception, you’re welcome to call directly on 1300 15 16 17.