Bisexual Female Escorts Available Now For Couples

Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that offers the sexiest Bisexual Female Escorts in Melbourne for couples who are wanting an extra pair of hands and holes to entertain them. There are many reasons why couples look to include a bisexual female Escort into their relationship. First and foremost, it is more common than you think. Our Melbourne Escort Agency sends bisexual companions to couples most nights of the week. Yes that’s right, it could be your lovely next door neighbor booking one of our bi girls and you’d never even knew.

We have stunning bisexual female Escorts available from 20 years old, through to mature ladies in their 40’s. We have bi ladies who are super fit toned and gym sexy, average body types through to chubby more soft bodies. Our Agency is fortunate to have bisexual Escorts of almost all nationalities – African, European, Aussie and Euro-Asian.

Sexy Bisexual Female Escorts For Couples

Our Melbourne Escort Agency understands the needs of couples, and as such the reasons why many couples can benefit from booking a bisexual female Escort.

We understand that many couples find maintaining the sexual attraction and excitement that is experienced at the beginning of any good relationship, gets more difficult as time goes on. No matter how mind blowing the sex may initially be, no matter how ‘into each other’ you once were often the bond and intimacy becomes mainstream and mundane after time. Even the random blowjob on the way to work becomes nothing too exciting, or in fact the random blow job disappears completely! The appreciation between the couple diminishes with time. What then happens? Nothing. This is the issue.

Now throw in the forever seemingly busy working schedule of the typical Melbourne couple; even less motivation and or time to want to be sexually intimate with one another. Let alone be creative with it. Things that each partner would do for one another, stop being done. Time becomes and excuse, fatigue becomes an excuse. What continues to happen? You guessed it, nothing. The issue continues.

This is a perfect sticking point or decline in a relationship where a bisexual female Escort can help. However let’s continue the example a little further, without the intervention of one of our bi ladies.

Let’s now through kids into this rapidly declining sexual disaster. Even less time, fatigue, frustration etc. Sex right at this point for many couples is almost non existent. Masturbation for men usually still happens, but not as often as it use to. The female of the relationship is craving attention (not necessarily sexual, but intimacy certainly will lead to sex) from her partner. Due to the circumstances listed above, sadly both parties are becoming further and further distant; in the bedroom, and as a couple.

How A Bisexual Female Escort Can Help Couples

A bisexual female Escort can help couples get their spark and mojo back. They can help couples reconnect with each other, bringing back those deeply buried feelings of sexual attraction between one and other. Many females comment that upon hiring the services of a bisexual female Escort, they have never experienced an orgasm so intense. That they now experience and feel that continuous, multiple orgasm feeling that continues to make their whole body shake and quiver. Some women have even told us that they never knew that they were ‘squirters’ till now.

A bisexual Melbourne Escort can often be the ice-breaker that brings the two couples together again. This can occur on many levels, for many reasons. Many couples tell us that the male partner was able to learn so much more about how his wife/girlfriend/partner liked to be touched, and how he had got it so wrong for so many years. Many couples (and individuals in general) feel more comfortable telling their bisexual female Escort exactly what they want in the bedroom, whereas they previously felt embarrassed to tell their partner. Strange isn’t it. You trust your partner with a credit card (maybe you don’t), yet you don’t trust her or him to give you oral sex the way you like it?

Some couples report that seeing their partner enjoy intimacy and sex with a bisexual female Escort, gives them a sense of jealousy that reminds them how much they really are attracted to them and love them. May sound strange, but if you haven’t been in this situation, it is hard to imagine. Similarly, many couples never knew they had a voyeuristic side to them. Enjoying their partner experience intense pleasure with another woman. Our stunning sexy bisexual female Escorts are the perfect companion to help nurture you and your partner throughout this new and exciting process.

Organising a Bisexual Female Melbourne Escort To Join You

Coordinating a threesome, foursome or more, is often a lot more tricky than you think. Whether you have had a threesome or not, here are a few easy steps to help ensure as a couple you get the most from your bisexual Escort experience:

  1. Communication is key. As a couple, decide on are there any boundaries you aren’t willing to cross. Deep kissing (DFK) with your bisexual Escort may be out of bounds – some couples prefer to keep DFK strictly between them. Another may be the male can only cum inside his partner – not inside your bisexual Escort. There are no official do’s and do not’s, it is entirely up to you as a couple to decide. You may decide there are no rules.
  2. Have a rough idea as to what you both would like to experience with your bisexual courtesan. It may be a scene you both have fantasised about or it could be something new to you both. If you’re not sure, that’s fine. Your high class bisexual female Escort will be always be able to guide you through, and point you bot in the right direction. The more personalised input from a couple, the better.
  3. Have a quick look at the Female Bisexual Escort Gallery. See a lady you like? Do you have a preference as to what look you are both attracted to? Either way, have a preference. Even if it is as simple as “Asian, middle aged, large breasts”.
  4. Length of booking. This is an aspect many first time clients struggle with. If you make a booking short, e.g. 1 hour, you are then really under the pump and watching the clock. A 1 hour quickie can be perfect if you are on your own, and just want to wham-bam and blow. Or as we call it in the Escort game, blow and go service. To accommodate a threesome properly as a couple, we suggest you need at least 1.5 hours. This way everyone can get acquainted, any initial nerves can settle, and the booking can then take a natural beginning. If it is rushed, the booking will seem very staged and non natural. A staged and non natural booking is the worst type of setting for a threesome. All booking and rates information can be found here.
  5. Time, date and organise a hotel. In Melbourne, we service Crown Casino Melbourne, The Hilton South Wharf and many other inner city Hotels. Once you have your details in order. You are ready to go.

For all of your bisexual couple needs, please call Melbourne Escort Agency reception directly on 1300 15 16 17. The only regret you’ll have is not booking one of our bi ladies sooner!