Anal Escorts Melbourne

Anal Escorts Melbourne is a specialised sexual service offered by our Anal Escorts. It is important to know that Anal Sex is not a service offered by all Melbourne Escorts – it is therefore very important to let reception staff know when you call to book Escorts in Melbourne, that you’re after a lady who offers Anal Sex as part of her services. Currently we have a stunning harem of Anal Escorts who are eager to meet you and satisfy your needs.

Escorts Melbourne offer Safe and Pleasurable Anal Sex

All of our Anal Escorts Melbourne thoroughly enjoy providing anal sex to their clients.

As with any sexual service, safe protective sex is a must.  It is also standard practice with Melbourne Escorts at all times.  Hygiene is also very important.  As a client, you must ensure that you are performing adequate hygiene practices and remain clean at all times.  If at any stage you appear to not upkeep excellent hygiene or appear unsafe, Anal Escorts Melbourne will refuse service for both the safety of yours (the client) and the herself. An Escort may also opt to not offer anal sex if a client is too large and believes anal sex will be too painful. All Escorts that represent our Melbourne Escort Agency are professionals and take their job very seriously. At no stage will any professional Melbourne Escort put their health, or the health of their clients, and prospective clients at jeopardy.

Anal penetration is very different to vaginal penetration. While both can be very pleasurable for both partners, extra care must be taken while performing anal sex. The anus is not self lubricating like the vagina; hence extra lube must be used, and regularly applied before and during penetration. For many Melbourne Escorts, some extra time to ease into the mood is required, allowing their anus to relax, and easily accommodate you inside them. The more relaxed your Escort is, the more she will be relaxed and enjoying herself – and ultimately the more you as a client will enjoy yourself.

Melbourne Escorts Specialise In Anal Sex

Our Melbourne Escort Agency is fortunate to have a variety of stunning female companions who offer anal sex to their clientele – young 19 year old Escorts through to Cougar Escorts and Mature Escorts who are over 40 years of age. What look are you most attracted to? Ladies who have big ass Escorts, Redhead Escorts, Ebony Black Escorts and fit athletic Escorts are available who offer anal sex. No matter your preference to age and look, Melbourne Escort Agency will have a stunning, sexy anal sex Escort available for you; simply let reception know your preferences, and they will make it happen.

It is important to know that anal sex is not available as a standard Melbourne Escorts experience – it is not available within the Gold Escort price range; it most definitely is an ‘extra’ service and as such, is available only with our Platinum and Diamond Escorts. Please see our Melbourne Escorts rates for more information.

Anal sex is also available as a part of our raunchy Porn Star Experience (PSE Escort Melbourne) – if you’ve never experienced a Melbourne Escort PSE, it will be a memorable experience you’ll never forget; and likely want again and again! If you’ve never heard of anal Porn Star Experience, browse our PSE page and also have a chat with reception if you have any further questions.

Give us a call today on 1300 15 16 17 to arrange a pleasurable Anal Sex Escort experience that will not just meet your expectations, but exceed them.