Tattooed Melbourne Escorts

Sexy Melbourne Escorts have a large selection of gorgeous tattooed Escorts in Melbourne available 7 days and nights per week, all year round.

Our Tattooed Melbourne Escorts are in high demand, they are very popular with both men and bisexual women / bisexual couples. You’ll be pleased to know that booking our Tattooed Escorts is very easy and straight forward – simply let reception know what sort of tattooed escort you’d like to spend time with. You may like a female with lots of tattoos, or only a small amount of tattoos on her body. We have tattooed Escorts that have half body suits, sleeves, 1/2 leg tattoos, full pants, back pieces plus more. Everyone has different preferences and tastes when it comes to tattoos, so simply let reception know what you’re attracted to – they can then let you know which Escorts with tattoos would suit you most. You could say to reception that ‘I’d like one of our hot Tattooed Melbourne Escorts’ – and then say whether you’d like a small amount of coverage, medium or large amount.

Just as each of our tattooed Escorts varies with the amount of tattoos they have, so does their age, size, shape, nationality and personality. Sure their commonality is they have sexy ink, however you will still need to have an idea of the look you’d like your sexy female companion to have aside from tattoos.

We have Asian EscortsEuropean Escorts, Australian and American females who all have tattoos. Ages vary, starting as young as 19 years old, right through to Escorts who are in their late 30’s. Some are short, while some are tall. Dark eyes, light blue eyes, pale skin, dark skin – plus everything in between. Once you’ve decided how much tattoo coverage you’d like, then choosing a tattooed Melbourne Escort is just like choosing any other Escort you’re attracted to.

We have both heterosexual tattooed ladies and bisexual female Escorts with tattoos available – you can book two inked ladies for yourself, or if you’re a couple looking for some extra fun; our bisexual female tattooed models will only be too happy to join you and your partner.

Sexy Tattooed Melbourne Escorts

Checkout the sexy tattooed Escorts below to give you an idea of the quality that represent our Melbourne Escort Agency. Please note, not all of our tattooed Escorts wish to have their images visible online. Many ladies like to operate in this industry with the utmost discretion. Our Melbourne Escort Agency protects and upholds not only our clientele’s right to discretion and privacy, but also the females who represent the Agency. To get an accurate idea of which models are working and when – call reception directly on 1300 15 16 17.












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Tattooed Escorts In Melbourne Available Now

At Sexy Melbourne Escorts, we understands the tattoo culture well. If you call us wanting a tattooed Escort with sleeves and a back piece, we know what you mean. Similarly, we also know good tattoos from bad tattoos. One of the oldest sayings in the tattoo world is: “good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos are good”. We love this saying, because it really applies to any service industry; especially the Escort Industry. “Good Escorts aren’t cheap and cheap Escorts aren’t good” – isn’t that true in every sense. Our receptionists aren’t going to try and tell you one of our ladies has fantastic ink if she doesn’t.

Are you an independent tattooed Melbourne Escort looking for Escort work?

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