Asian Escorts Melbourne

We are very lucky at Melbourne Escorts to be able to offer our clients the finest selection of female Asian Escorts to choose from. On any given day or night, it would not be uncommon for our Melbourne Escort Agency to have 12 or more female Escorts from different countries throughout Asia, available to spend time with you.

Do you have a specific preference as to which region of Asia you find their women most attractive?

Melbourne Escorts offers the finest Asian Ladies

Some of you may not have been overseas to see the beautiful ladies who reside in Asia, although we are sure you are familiar with just how attractive they are. Fortunately Asian Escorts Melbourne boast such a large, diverse selection of Asian ladies that are here for you to enjoy their intimate companionship. This way you don't have to travel so far, wait; you actually don't have to travel at all. We come to you.

Currently, Melbourne Escorts currently offers:

  • Korean Escorts
  • Chinese Escorts
  • Japanese Escorts
  • Malaysian Escorts
  • Thai Escorts
  • Mongolian Escorts
  • Indonesian Escorts
  • Cambodian Escorts
  • Filipino Escorts

If there is a specific nationality you're looking for - let reception know when you speak with them.

Rates and booking information for Asian Escorts and in fact all Melbourne Escorts can be found here. If you require a custom booking length, or more information, please don't hesitate contacting reception directly.

Most beautiful Asian Escorts Melbourne

Physical beauty of female Asian Escorts

You may like an Asian appearance in general, or you may have a more localised preference for a region in Asia. Ladies from differing regions within Asia have very different physical characteristics. Some ladies have very pale skin, while some like the Philippines have darker skin. No matter what your preference is, even if you are unsure what type of Asian escort you would like to spend time with, give us a call. Even if you are unsure whether you would say prefer to see a Thai Escort, or perhaps a Korean Escort, or you may be unsure all together. We are here to help you choose and to answer any questions, by phone or our easy to use online contact form.

Cultural beauty of female Asian Escorts

Asian Escorts Melbourne not only bring their stunning soft featured beauty, but also their culture to us. This is a major turn on for refined gentleman who appreciate a more high class Escort experience. If you are unsure of the cultural differences, an example may be having a beautiful Japanese Escort at your service, who will not allow you to light your cigarette, she will insist on doing so for you. It is like having your very own Geisha. Some of our high class Escorts from Asia like to bathe and wash your feet before commencing an appointment.

Nuru Massage Melbourne

Ever considered a Nuru massage? Maybe you haven't heard of it. Nuru massage is becoming very popular in Melbourne and Australia. Nuru massage Melboune comprises of a very traditional sensual, sexual, Japanese massage. This maybe offered by many, but very few can actually perform a traditional Nuru massage. If this is of interest to you, speak to us about having customary Asian bathing or massage, it really is pampering at the highest level.

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Melbourne Escorts are well versed in offering their clients a high class, luxurious Asian Escort experience. As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, they specialise in providing unique, tailored Escort experiences; rather than simply offering an Escort service. If you are seeking a unique, high class experience with a stunning Asian Escort; Melbourne Escorts are the service provider you have been looking for. They understand each Asian culture and the differences between them, in addition to a sound understanding of each Asian Escort and the service they offer.

Every Escort differs in the service they provide. This includes Asian Escorts; as each Asian lady is different in appearance and personality, so does the service they provide. If you are not well versed in the differences, please don't fret. That's what our friendly reception team are here for. Firstly they will ask you what you are looking for, and from there they can guide and advise you as to which Asian Escort would suit your needs. If you are not entirely sure what you're looking for, just that you know you'd like to spend time with a beautiful Asian lady - leave the rest to us.

You can book an appointment with any of our ladies knowing that we will provide you with an Escort experience that will not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Our branding and reputation as a high class Melbourne Escort Agency has been built on it.

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