BBBJ Melbourne

Are you looking for a BBBJ Melbourne? We are overwhelmed with the number of customers requesting to have a BBBJ Melbourne.  For those of you who aren’t aware of what a BBBJ is, and you are reading this for some more information, we are hoping this BBBJ Melbourne guide assists you.

What does BBBJ Melbourne mean?

BBBJ is a slang term and stands for Bare Back Blow Job or also commonly known as uncovered blow job.  So those who are asking or searching for BBBJ Melbourne, are literally looking for an uncovered blow job or a bare back blow job.

Do we offer this BBBJ service?

As a licensed escort agency, a premier escort agency, absolutely not.  Why don’t we offer BBBJ?  It is illegal to have any form of unprotected sex.  Irrespective of the fact it is illegal for any licensed Escort Agency such as ours, to offer BBBJ, it is potentially both unsafe for both the customer and the Escort.  Under no circumstance do we encourage or offer any unsafe sexual practices.  We value the health and well being of all Escorts whom align themselves with us, we also value the health of our clients.  Our existing clientele know and understand the rules, however if you are a new potential client reading this guide for the first time, please do not ask for a BBBJ Melbourne service.

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If you have an enquiry and would prefer to contact us via email, please do so by using our online contact form. Upon submitting your enquiry, someone from the reception team will answer it as soon as is practicable. Please note: during very busy times, it will always be quicker to get a response from our receptionists by calling directly. Escort enquiries made via email and online submission will be answered, however preference will always be given to clients who are currently making bookings – which can only be done over the telephone.

Escort bookings

Melbourne Escorts only accepts bookings via the telephone – this way all details can be confirmed and verified quickly. Upon confirming a booking, you will need to provide the hotel details of where you are staying, the name the room is booked under, relevant telephone contact details and method of payment. Even if you choose to pay cash (the cash will be handed to your Escort within the first few moments of her arrival) we still need to have the details of your accommodation – valid name etc.

For safe, fun and a very pleasurable sexual experience, please call our premier Melbourne Escort Agency on 1300 15 16 17.