Be The Type Of Client Melbourne Escort Agency Wants

Escorts Melbourne is a high class Melbourne Escort Agency located a stone’s through from Crown Casino, Southbank, Docklands, South Wharf, South Melbourne, Melbourne CBD and Port Melbourne. If you’d like to make a booking with any of our high class female Escorts and are staying in any of those locations, or nearby – we can have a stunning female companion at your location within the hour.

Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that is renowned for offering high class female Escorts; for both intimate and non intimate companionship. But also a Melbourne Escort Agency that values the business of its long term clientele; making them feel not only feel apart of a prestigious brand, but also like valued and appreciated. As with any high class service provider, it can often be a misconception that “any” business is good business; this can not be further than the truth, especially in providing the service of prostitution.

Be A Client That Melbourne Escorts Can’t Wait To Spend Time With

As many of you know, I’ve been a high class Escort for many years; in addition to working alone, but also for Melbourne Escort Agency and the like. I can tell you, I’ve slept with clients whose hygiene is worse than a bin, breathe that not only makes your eyes water – but rather fall out. BO stench that is so bad, that I had to personally scrub them in the shower myself (all on their time of course!). Cocks that stink too is not all that unfamiliar with many men. Do they know they need to wash it? Oh my god, the list of stories could be endless and in most cases, would probably make you ill. Admittedly, most of these instances occurred when I was fresh, new and young to the Escort Industry and world of Prostitution. As I got older and a bit more experience, I knew my rights and I didn’t have to service a client who is of poor hygiene. On the flip side to poor hygiene, there then are the abusive clients – verbally, physically, mentally etc; this will be for another blog/post entirely.

No matter what people may say or think, the service of providing Prostitution is a very personal and intimate service. The majority of clients I’ve serviced (single men and couples) are looking for a level of intimacy they currently don’t have or can’t achieve within their relationship. Yes sure, there certainly are the wham-bam blow and go type of clients who know what they want, and get it “over and done with”. But from my experience, intimacy and personal touch is 90%, wham-bam is 10%.

Many of you reading this are likely (and hopefully!) shaking your head, as who on Earth would honestly think someone who is presenting like a client described above, would want to have sex with them? You’re right, we don’t!

A Client Melbourne Escort Agency Wants To Keep

Now to the easy part.

Gentlemen and couples who seek our services, or the service of a Melbourne Escort Agency – no matter how intimate and unbelievable your time is with us, it is still a transaction that occurs between two parties. Consequentially, monies are exchanged. Basically, it’s a business arrangement.

Payment for your Melbourne Escort

If you’re paying the Melbourne Escort Agency before your booking commences (credit card), then fantastic. You’re good to go. If however you’ve decided to pay upon your Melbourne Escorts arrival, then please… please… please, have the cash ready and available as soon as your female companion arrives. We always suggest an unsealed envelope that is either handed to her immediately upon her arrival. Or, as many clients wish to have a more discrete way of handing over the money (less clinical or transactional), have it available in the bathroom, and suggest to your Melbourne Escort when she arrives, she might like to “freshen up” – and show her where the bathroom is.

I can tell you from many years of experience, there is no worse way (aside from something extreme) to begin spending time with a client when money hasn’t been handed over. This means we have to ask… awkward galore!

Oral Hygiene 

Use mouthwash, brush your teeth, don’t eat 4 cloves of garlic before your booking. Bad breathe is very off putting and makes anyone uncomfortable if they are in the path of it wafting out. If you’re wanting DFK / intimate kissing and you have bad breathe – forget about it. No chance! If you do have mouthwash available, possibly leave some aside for your Melbourne Escort to use if she so chooses. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t – either way she’ll appreciate you considering her.

Showering / Genital Hygiene

Again, should be a no brainer – if that were the case, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. LOL!

In the shower, scrub, scrub, scrub – all areas. Wash your ass crack, if you’re uncircumcised – peel back your foreskin and clean your penis properly. Arm pits – scrub, scrub, scrub. Hair, use some fresh shampoo and conditioner. There is nothing worse than being on top and laying on you, or you on top of us next to our head and your hair wreaks!

Avoid Awkward / Confrontational questions that ruin the mood

Many clients didn’t realise this, and many possibly still don’t – there’s not a Melbourne Escort I’ve worked with that is doing this job out of desperation and in need of you (the client) to save her. So please, first of all, don’t treat her like a victim.

Don’t ask:

Get this gist? Keep the conversation fun, light-hearted and focused on you. Many of the questions I’ve listed above are direct mood-killers.

If there’s something that’s on your mind of deep emotional significance, by all means talk to one of our Melbourne Escorts – but again, make sure its focused around you, not your female companion. Melbourne Escorts companions are fantastic listeners who do not cast judgement – this is one of the main reasons clients wish to tell us their most intimate and sacred secrets; they know they can trust us and feel comfortable telling us anything.

Thanks for reading guys,

Adriana xxx – former high class Melbourne Escort and current Escort Agency consultant.

If you wish to book a female companion, please contact reception directly on 1300 15 16 17 – or submit an online enquiry if you’d prefer. Rates for all Escorts can be found here.