VIP BLACK Melbourne Escort Membership

Sexy Melbourne Escorts is a high class Melbourne Escort Agency that understands the importance of delivering an Escort experience that is unique and personalised; rather than a standard generic Escort service. We are proud that our Melbourne Escort experience offered to clients not only meets their expectations; but in almost every circumstance, exceeds them.

From the moment you make contact with our friendly reception team (either via phone or email), you will be made feel important, and valued; right through to the completion of your booking – every step of the way. Our brand stands by this, and our reputation which is second to none, has been built on this.

Rewarding our much loved and valued clientele, is also a very important component in our branding and reputation as a high class Melbourne Escort Agency.

Escorts Melbourne Invite Only Membership

It is no secret that VIP BLACK exclusive memberships are very rare:

VIP BLACK membership benefits:

* conditions apply

The million dollar question: ‘how do I get invited?

There is a long list of criteria that must be satisfied before a client can be considered eligible for a VIP BLACK membership – I’m not going to elaborate on any specific criteria, but here are some general tips:

  1. Be a good client – to both the Escorts in Melbourne you spend time with, and the Melbourne Escort Agency itself. Many clients whom are considered ‘good clients’, neglect one of those two. Many can be quite abrupt and often rude to reception staff when they are trying to process their booking, or on the flip side; be very nice to reception staff however not as nice to some of the female Escorts themselves. To be eligible for our membership, you must be equally nice to both – polite, courteousness, kindness, professionalism, punctual; are all terms that encompass a ‘good client’. Have a quick read: if you’re a first time client and be a client Sexy Melbourne Escorts wants.
  2. The most common question is why can’t I just pay for the membership (large amounts of money have been offered). Yes, as with any membership program that offers any form of rewards or ‘gives back to clients’ – you must be spending money with the business to allow a reward to occur; surely that is common sense. Relating to VIP BLACK, you must be a regular client who books Melbourne Escorts in either – Platinum $700.00 per hour and/or Diamond rage $1200.00 per hour. By not allowing the membership to be purchased ensures the Sexy Melbourne Escorts VIP BLACK membership remains exclusive. If the membership was offered free, or anyone could simply purchase it; the membership would not be exclusive.
  3. Another component as to why the membership can’t be purchased – how do we know you’re going to treat Melbourne Escort Agency staff well (as mentioned above in point 1). Our membership program is about rewarding clients who we believe deserve it – not just how wealthy they may be.

Melbourne Escort Agency That Appreciates Your Business

Sexy Melbourne Escorts is a Melbourne Escort Agency that gives back – why? Without our much loved clientele, we wouldn’t have a successful business. It is no secret that for a Melbourne Escort Agency to be successful, we need lovely high class female Escorts to represent the Agency and service clients; and – we need clients to keep coming back, and refer business to us whenever they can.

Our Escort Agency is not cheap, and we are proud of that. We don’t believe we are expensive either – yes, we aren’t expensive; rather we believe our prices represent fantastic value. You’ve seen above the list of benefits available to VIP BLACK members – imagine you’re flying into Melbourne for business, or even a secret getaway. Who wouldn’t want to be picked up at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport in a luxury car, taken right to your door of your Melbourne Hotel (Hilton, Sofitel, Como, Eureka, Novotel, Crown Promenade, Crown Towers – yes we service them all plus more)? Who wouldn’t want a personal concierge to make all of your Melbourne Escort arrangements (you receive a private mobile number to call of someone who will be your go-to).

For those of you who aren’t members yet – the hourly rate we charge for our high class female Escorts represents excellent value. Our quality control standards are the highest you will see. Also, you won’t be rushed off the phone if you have questions; our reception staff will spend as long as necessary with you to ensure you get all the information you need. During peak times, when we have very limited availability to see our ladies – if there isn’t an Escort in Melbourne that will satisfy your needs, our reception staff will be honest in telling you that. You won’t have a lady misrepresented (not fair on the Escort, or you) just to get your booking – we would rather politely decline your booking, in hope to secure your business in the future when we do have a female companion that will satisfy your needs.

Call 1300 15 16 17 to book a female Escort in Melbourne in confidence, from a Melbourne Escort Agency you can trust.