Female escorts Melbourne

Melbourne Escorts provide female Escorts for both sexual and non sexual companionship. Are you tired of spending nights in on your own?  Annoyed and fed up going out on your own?  Sick and tired of coming back to your hotel room on your own? Or do you have a special occasion or event coming up and you're not sure who to take?  All of these situations sound like you require female Escorts Melbourne to keep you company.

Female Escorts prevent loneliness

Let's be honest, no one likes being lonely. As human beings, we need to share feelings, emotions and experiences with others. There is also nothing worse than feeling unloved and not receiving the intimacy that we deeply desire. A high class female Escort really helps solve these problems right away.

For pampering and some TLC Female escorts Melbourne:

  • Professionals when it comes to making you feel valued and important.
  • Want to listen to the troubles of your life.
  • Enjoying doing things you do and are happy to be by your side.
  • Enjoy good wine, good food with guys like yourself.
  • Give fantastic body rubs and massages to relieve the stress associated with the busy working day.

If you are simply looking for straight-up hot, steamy, raunchy sex: a high class female companion can:

  • Are you staying Crown Casino Melbourne or a Hotel nearby? You can have a sexy chick in your room within 45 minutes.
  • Join you for a quickie 1 hour lunchtime wham-bam release session. Nothing better than getting that release you need in the middle of a working day. Perfect stress release. See our booking information and rates. Or you may prefer having a naughty weekend away. Either way, you can book for as long as your heart desires, simply discuss your needs with reception.
  • Happy to undress you at your hotel door and get down to business.

High class female escorts Melbourne come in all shapes and sizes; different strokes for different folks right?  No matter whether you like tiny ladies, voluptuous ladies, blondes, brunettes, pale, dark or something in between... Let us know your preferences so we can match you with a sexy female escort that is sure to please and satisfy you in every which way.

Organising a Female Escort to your Melbourne Hotel

Organising a sexy companion is really easy and straightforward. When you speak with reception, let them know when you would like to book, and for how long (minimum 1 hour booking). Secondly, let them know which Melbourne Hotel you are staying at (reception will need to call Hotel reception, and ask to be put through to your room - so please ensure you give reception accurate details). Thirdly, you can discuss with reception the type of lady you would like to spend time with. Younger, older, blonde, brunette, Asian, European, tall, short and the list goes on.

Be as descriptive as you can with the reception team, about the type of service you are looking for from Female Escorts Melbourne. Not all ladies offer the same service (anal for example), so it is important that you are very clear when providing your service requirements to avoid potential disappointment.

If you are staying near Crown Casino Melbourne Southbank, you can often have a sexy lady at your room within 30-45 minutes. The same time of wait applies to Clarendon St South Melbourne (and nearby), Bay St Port Melbourne (and nearby), St Kilda Rd Melbourne (and nearby).

You may prefer to meet your sexy Escort out on the town; at your favorite restaurant, or even at a bar. Both are fine, and really you are limited to your own imagination as to where and what you get up to. Please just make sure you provide all relevant details to the reception staff so they can ensure it will be coordinated smoothly. If you are fortunate to be a VIP BLACK member, please remember that you have a person concierge that will take care of everything for you - from your hotel, airport pickup and drop offs, plus more.

If you are a new client, welcome. As a premier customer service driven high class Melbourne Escort Agency, our business relies not only on repeat business, but the solid referral to new customers. Here is a quick and easy to read Melbourne Escort Agency etiquette guide. It will help ensure you get the most out of your Escort experience.

Have any more questions?

Please don't hesitate to send them online through to our customer service team who will reply via email. You can also call 1300 15 16 17 to speak with reception directly.