Gym Fit Toned Melbourne Escort

Are you looking for a gym, fit, toned Melbourne Escort that has a sexy firm body? We have stunning girls who are into fitness and workout 6 days a week, and have toned bodies that are in high demand. These girls don't have much body fat, have very healthy diets and lifestyles and their body's certainly show it. Our Melbourne Escort Agency is located minutes from South Melbourne, so if you're staying in the area of nearby - we can have a gym girl at your hotel room door within 45 minutes.

Fitness Escorts Are Sexy

Many guys fantasise about being with a girl who has just finished training and is dripping with sweat. If that's what you're into, we can certainly arrange that for you. If you just like to enjoy the physical body of a female Escort who goes to the gym, is into fitness and has a toned body - you're speaking our language. We boast a sexy selection of girls who are fit and toned.

It's important to point out these Escorts are not muscly or bodybuilders. They are chicks who are lean, keep a very healthy and active lifestyle. Yes they have some small muscles, but they are more toned than muscular. Some of these girls have a slight outline of their abs, while some have their abs quite defined. But once again, they aren't very muscular.

Our fit and toned girls start as young and fresh as 18 years of age, right through to the early 30's. If you want a girl that will keep up with you, or even give you a run for your money in the bedroom - a fit Escort will do just that. They do hours of cardio and circuit weight training each week, so trust us; they have the endurance to go all night. Rates and booking information can be found here.

Our fit girls also have nice firm butt's. Nothing sloppy or soft to touch, these peaches are round and full. Plenty of squatting and lunging has gone into creating their sexy bodies. Many of these girls compete in fitness competitions, CrossFit and are personal trainers themselves. For this reason, these girls don't want to have their face displayed on the internet for anyone to see. As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, we respect their right to privacy, just as we respect our clients rights. If you would like an accurate description of any of our gym toned girls, please don't hesitate to contact reception directly or send an online enquiry.

Contact Escorts Melbourne

If a gym toned girl is something that interests you, let reception know and please make a booking in advance. The demand for fitness girls is going through the roof, some of these ladies have a 2 month waiting list.

If you were playing the dating game, a fitness girl is likely to only want to casually date a fitness type of guy. The best part about having super fit and sexy girls available is you are able to enjoy them - whether you yourself are fit or not. If you have a fantasy of being with a hot fit and toned chick, then we can make it happen.

Call 1300 15 16 17 now to make a booking. You won't be disappointed.