Escort Agency Out Call Melbourne Escort Service

A Melbourne Escort Agency is an out call online service that connects those who are lonely and or in search for female companionship, with numerous private Melbourne Escorts who are available through the service of a Melbourne Escort Agency. It allows men and couples to conveniently connect via 1 phone number, one website, with numerous female companions who are available at a particular time. A female Escort is then booked and confirmed with a receptionist, who is then driven by a security driver at the chosen time to the destination of the client - that in essence is what service a Melbourne Escort Agency provides.

A Melbourne Escort Agency Service

escort agency female companionMelbourne Escorts is a a premier Melbourne Escort agency that offers services that are confidential, reliable and discreet.

From the moment you speak with our friendly reception staff, to the moment you meet up with the female Escort you selected until the time she departs; you will treated like a king and get all the attention you deserve and more. The female Escorts that represent our Melbourne Escort Agency are tops and set very high standards for themselves. Only the best gets selected to represent our brand. Our female companions are well versed in terms of being social companions to cater to the needs of our refined clients. They are sophisticated, elegant in their appearance, extremely beautiful, charming, well informed, attentive, dependable, attentive, and personable. We focus not only on how physically attractive an Escort may be, but also how likable she is as a person. Our ladies truly are everything you could hope for and more in a female companion.

Our Melbourne Escort Agency is continually sifting through applications and moving through the recruitment process. You can be assured knowing that we are continually adding new female companions who are of varying age, exceptionally good looking and of varying appearance and personality. So please make sure you check in with us regularly, as it is likely there is a new fresh face you haven't seen, that is eager to spend some quality time with you.

FAQ: How does a Melbourne Escort Agency work?

As mentioned above, Escort Agencies operate online - there is no physical location to visit. You can interact with any Agency via your Smartphone or computer. A Melbourne Escort Agency will have private Escorts that represent a particular Agency - however you as a client only need to interact with a receptionist from the Agency. An Escort Agency is really a booking agent for private Escorts that are under their umbrella.

The following is a quick reference guide to show you the process of how things work, it is very straightforward:

  1. Are you looking for sexual or non sexual female companionship?melbourne escort service
  2. When would you like to book your female companion, and where will you be staying? This is an important question to determine early, because not every Escort works every night.
  3. What age (approximately) would you like your female companion to be? (18 years of age through to ladies in their 40's and 50's)
  4. What look are you attracted to? Blondes, short, tall, big breast, big butt etc? Check out our gorgeous galleries while you're here.
  5. If you are looking for a sexual female companion service, is there a specific sexual service you want (anal, GFE, PSE etc)?
  6. Discuss any extra needs or requests that you would like to happen with the receptionist who is handling your booking.
  7. Determine how long you would like your booking for - if you're unsure, your receptionist will give you the most accurate advice. The last thing you want is to be rushed and watching the clock. Please note: the shortest booking is 1 hour. All booking and rates information is available here.

Choosing a Melbourne Escort Service

Choosing a Melbourne Escort Agency isn't easy, and people often get confused and lost in the process. Hopefully this will simplify things and take the stress and anxiety out of choosing what escort agency is right for you.

Let's start with the basics:

Does the website look professional and is it easy to navigate?

This may seem like a 'no-brainer' but a reputable and professional escort agency would make sure that they have a website that reflects their level of service.

When you are browsing a Melbourne Escort Agency website, are you getting lost trying to find the information you are looking for? Are you getting confused? Is there so much information on their site that you are being overloaded so you miss the important details? If so, this type of Agency probably isn't for you.

A high class Escort Agency with premium service would have a very easy to navigate site, making you comfortable every step of the way

Does the website have the necessary information you need?
There may be some specific questions that haven't been answered on an escort agency website, let's face it, there are potentially thousands of questions you may have. However, the following should be very easily found:

  • Rates Page: this lets you know how much you will be paying for your chosen escort service. Escort services are most often in hourly time segments, you should find an easy to follow guide showing just that. E.g. 1hr $400.00
  • General information about the Escort Agency: what sort of appointments do they service? Do they service events such as Media Releases/Sporting Events and/or CBD Hotels? There should also be some general information about their quality controls and what business practices they stand for.
  • Phone number (not a mobile number): a phone number should be clearly displayed. Does the site you're looking on have a mobile number listed as its call to action? A reputable Melbourne Escort Agency would have a consistent number that has a local number with an area code, such as  03 9 number, or even a 1800/1300 type of number, such as 1300 15 16 17. If such numbers aren't clearly displayed, only a mobile number, it isn't likely you are dealing with a professional, reputable, high class Escort Agency. escort agency out call as a website has:

  • Professional, classy and easy to navigate website
  • Clearly defined table of rate charges
  • General information about how we operate and the type of quality control we stand by
  • An easy to remember 1300 number so you can't forget us

Give reception at any time on 1300 15 16 17 or submit an online enquiry.