High Class Escorts And Exclusive Escorts Melbourne

High Class Escorts Melbourne and Exclusive Escorts Melbourne are terms used extensively in the Escort Industry. As a client, when you are looking for an Escort to spend time with, it certainly sounds very appealing and prestigious if you choose a companion associated with those terms. But do you know what these terms actually mean?

Firstly, there is no exact answer as these terms can not be quantitatively measured. They are often overused and misrepresented. As a client, you only need to do a bit of window shopping online with various Escort ads and 9/10 ladies will all consider themselves to be exclusive and/or high class. I do believe that both of these terms can mean different things to everyone, however I will only be commenting what they mean to me, and given the many years I have worked in the Escort Industry – both privately and Escort Agency.

An Exclusive Melbourne Escort

A companion who refers to herself as an Exclusive Escort should have exceptionally high standards. Presentation with fine detail; wardrobe, skincare, hair and nails and accessories – just to name a few. Her price will also be indicative of the care and effort she puts into her appearance. Gentlemen, if you are truly seeking an exclusive companion, price should never be an issue. In saying this, a companion can’t charge an exclusive price if the service and/or experience doesn’t deliver. In my days as an exclusive companion, it was nothing for me to be sporting a wardrobe on a working night around the ballpark of $6,000.00 I would never attend a booking even if I had chipped a nail, or heaven for bid my shoe was even slightly smudged.

For any ladies reading this who are Working Girls, no matter how exclusive or high class you may want to consider yourself, if you don’t provide a high class experience for your client – you will not be successful. I can assure you that if you don’t have almost perfect client satisfaction rate, you will not have re-bookings or client referrals which are essential for any high class Escort.

“Can I book you for 30 minutes?” – 30 minute bookings don’t exist for exclusive Escorts. Firstly, any client who wants to spend only 30 minutes with a companion isn’t looking for an exclusive or high class experience. They want a blow and go type service – there is nothing wrong with this type of service or the ladies who choose to provide it. Nonetheless, if you are offering this type of service you can’t in my opinion call yourself high class. Ladies, if you are offering such a short booking, it demonstrates that your time isn’t of such high exclusivity. Remember, clients who book for 30 minutes only will never be a long term client.

Clients Who Look For Exclusive Escorts

There are always exceptions to the rules and I’m a firm believer that you should never judge a book by its cover, however the following are commonalities among clients who seek an exclusive companion. Firstly they care about your experience as much as they do receiving a sexually satisfying experience themselves. They are polite, courteous, respectful, generous and professional in every way the conduct themselves around you. Most often they have a diverse range of life experience, and know what they are looking for. Money is also never an issue, which makes the relationship between Escort and client so uncomplicated; despite the many feelings formed on both sides and the many orgasms and enjoyable times you spend together. They take the time to get to know you, and notice the small things that make the time you spend together more enjoyable. The time you spend together becomes less clinical and awkward, every subsequent moment you spend together. Most importantly of all, they become loyal, regular, well paying clients who give you no grief.

Adriana xx

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