Inner Workings Of A Melbourne Brothel Explained

Legal Brothels in Melbourne are an establishment or premises that has been granted a permit by the Victorian government; to legally carry on the duties of prostitution within that nominated premises. Meaning a client can visit the Brothels establishment (incall) and have paid consensual sex with a sex worker. Some legal Melbourne Brothels also have a Melbourne Escort Licence in addition to their Brothel licence; this means they can perform Melbourne Escort out-calls, in addition to having brothel in-calls.

Brothels in Melbourne are restricted where they can be placed – not in residential areas and not near schools; just as an example. In the outer suburbs of Melbourne, they are scattered predominantly deep in the industrial areas. Closer to Melbourne CBD, there’s a pocket in South Melbourne where there are 7 Legal Melbourne Brothels within 2km radius. What do they look like? Some Brothel owners have spent a fortune making their establishment stand out; very prominent and noticeable. On the flip side, some Brothels have gone for a much more discrete look. Some establishments have very obvious names, while some have a name that isn’t related or has no connection to Sex or the Prostitution Industry.

A Clients Perspective Entering A Brothel In Melbourne

As a Brothel is a sex on premises establishment, there's a chance you could be seen entering and or leaving. If that's not a problem for you (and not insinuating it should be) then you can park anywhere near the entrance and happily stroll in. If however you wish to remain as discrete as possible, not all Brothels offer discrete off street parking, coupled with a discreet entrance.

When you enter a Brothel, depending on how fancy the establishment, the entrance will either wow you, or possibly horrify you. As mentioned, some Brothels in Melbourne look amazing, while some look like absolute dumps!

The Madam, receptionist or ‘front of house’, is most often the first person you will interact act. They are likely to be very friendly, warm, welcoming while maintaining a firm line – they may direct you into a private waiting area or possibly a section of an open waiting area, where you still have some privacy but you can see other guests. If the front of house isn't friendly, probably best you move on to somewhere else. In my experience their vibe often translates through to the girls working.

Upper class Melbourne Brothels will have beautiful waiting areas where you meet the Workers; you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, some may offer you soft drinks or water, some may not. If this area isn't very fresh, inviting and welcoming - it's often an indication of what the rooms will be like (where you will spend time with a Sex Worker if you choose to book one).

Legal prostitutes (also known as legal Sex Workers) who represent the Melbourne Brothel will come and have a quick chat with you; they will discuss the service they are offering and give you a chance to ask any questions – this is your opportunity to ask each Sex Worker any questions about their service; if you’re looking for a specific kink or fetish, anal service or similar. If a particular lady interests you, you may want to know if she provides anal sex, or whether she provides golden showers. It's important to remember not all Sex Workers offer the same service, so it's very important if you want a particular sexual service, you ask the girls the right questions when you meet them.

Upon chatting with all of ladies available, the Madam will come and ask if you’d like to book any of the them – you can also ask the Madam anything further questions you may have. If you’d like to book one of the ladies , the Madam will process your booking; if not, you are free to leave the legal Melbourne Brothel. Payment is always processed before your booking starts. If you'd like to proceed with booking one of the girls, then you will make payment at reception, then you will be directed to a room with your chosen lady.

Booking A Sex Worker In A Brothel

You've decided you really want to spend some time with 'Amy'.

The Madam will bring you to the reception desk (most often near the entrance of where you walked in) and ask for payment for ‘Amy’. Rates in all legal Melbourne Brothels are clearly displayed, and are absolutely nonnegotiable – the majority of Brothels will accept Visa, MasterCard and cash. You must pay the fee/rate for 1 hour before your booking can commence. Some Brothels have standard rooms and deluxe rooms, while some all rooms are the same. A deluxe room could be a fantasy room/theme room, or it may have extra features such as a spa – Madam will explain any options you have at the time of your booking.

Upon payment being made, ‘Amy’ will come and greet you and take you to your own private room.  You will then be asked to take a shower and ‘Amy’ is likely to perform a quick genital inspection, just to make sure everything appears as it should be – this is for your protection and hers.

Unless you’ve prearranged a specific sexual service (role play, kinks, fetishes etc), your service is likely to begin with some light touching – break the ice, appease any nervousness and get an idea of each other. If you’re wanting a wham-bam sex straight up type of service – please make sure you let the lady know, don’t just rush over and grab her! Politeness and respect goes a long way; especially in this industry. Simply let the Sex Worker know you want to get into the action!

Throughout your time in a Brothel, if at any time you’re uncomfortable – you can leave at any time. If you have discussed a service you wanted with a Sex Worker during your introduction, however when you have paid and are now in the room and the Sex Worker says they won’t fulfil it. Don’t panic, simply gather your belongings and head back to reception and let them know. This is a rare occurrence; however it is not to say it doesn’t happen. On the flip side, Sex Workers in Melbourne also have the right and can also leave the room or a booking at any time they feel unsafe or threatened – they have full support of Brothel management in any situation whereby the Worker doesn’t feel safe.

While you’re enjoying time with ‘Amy’, approximately 10 minutes before your time is up, a buzzer is likely to sound in the room – this lets both you and ‘Amy’ know there isn’t a lot of time left. When time is up, a buzzer will sound or reception may directly call the room – it is now time for a shower, get dressed and gather your belongings. ‘Amy’ is likely to walk with you to reception – you can have a taxi called for you if required.

Please note, if at any time during your 1 hour booking you think that won’t be enough time and you’d like to extend your booking – let Amy know ASAP. That way she can let reception know and see if it’s possible (Amy may have bookings after you that have been pre-arranged).  Also, you will need to come down to reception to pay upfront for the extra time you’ve asked for. As a client, never ever stay in the room and give your credit card to your Sex Worker or anyone else to process it for you; physically go to reception and process it with the Madam yourself. This protects you, your Sex Worker, Brothel and overall the integrity of your card and minimises the chance of any wrongdoing.