Prostitution In Melbourne Is Legal With A Licensed Melbourne Escort Agency

Yes - Prostitution is legal in Melbourne and regulated by local authorities. Prostitution has been legal in Melbourne, Victoria since 1986. There are legal Melbourne Escort Agencies (such as Escorts Melbourne) and legal Melbourne Brothels. So long as you hire an Escort from a legal prostitution provider you are being lawful. Minimum legal age to be an Escort in Melbourne is 18 years old. Hiring a Sex Worker from the street (street Sex Workers) is illegal. Also, many online websites such as and listed thousands of illegal Escorts.

However as with any legal industry, there are also operators who choose to operate outside the law, illegally and unlawfully. Call our fully licensed Melbourne Escort Agency on 1300 15 16 17 to find out more about hiring a safe, legal Escort.

Hiring A Legal Escort In Melbourne

Hiring a legal Escort in Melbourne is both safe and lawful so long as you use a licensed Melbourne Escort Agency, such as Melbourne Escorts that has been issued a license by the government of Victoria, called a Sex Work Provider License – allowing the Melbourne Escort Agency to carry on the business of prostitution in Melbourne legally. If you venture to online Escort directories that are not regulated (anyone can post an advertisement at any time) then you risk hiring the services of an illegal Escort in Melbourne.

From a customer’s view in simple terms, hiring an Escort from a Melbourne Escort Agency involves calling the Agency's reception staff to arrange an Escort to visit the customer at their hotel. In Melbourne, it is a legal requirement that the Escort performs an out-call; visiting the client at their hotel room. The Escort cannot be the host of the accommodation (can not provide an incall service in Melbourne without a Brothel license).

When speaking with Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff, the client will discuss their needs to see which Escorts in Melbourne are available to suit their needs. A price is agreed upon before the Escort booking is confirmed. Once the client believes their requirements are met by the Agency (client has chosen an Escort that they would like to spend time with and agrees on the price), the client has the option to pay the Agency over the phone using a credit card. Alternatively the client can pay for the Melbourne Escort when she arrives at their hotel.

Once the agreed booking time has ended (e.g. 1 hour), the Melbourne Escort will be picked up by a security driver.

Payment of all prostitution services in Melbourne are required before the Sex Worker begins to perform her services.

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