Prostitution In Melbourne Is Safe With Licensed Escort Agency

In short, yes; Prostitution is legal in Melbourne - there are legal Melbourne Escort Agencies (such as Escorts Melbourne) and legal Melbourne Brothels. However, as with any legal industry, there are also operators who choose to operate outside the law, illegally / unlawfully.

Prostitution Is Legal In Melbourne

Melbourne Escorts is a legal Melbourne Escort Agency that has been issued a license by the government of Victoria, called a Sex Work Provider License – allowing the Melbourne Escort Agency to carry on the business of prostitution in Melbourne legally. Prostitution has been legal in Melbourne, Victoria since 1986.

Prostitution in Melbourne while being fairly obvious as to what it entails is often interpreted very differently from individual-to-individual. On the most basic level, it can be accepted that prostitution involves paying for sex - so where lies the ambiguity in such a basic and easily understood concept? This now opens a can of worms, as it is not the basic premise that is misunderstood and is open to a variety of interpretations; rather as to the type of individuals who are involved in the world of prostitution in Melbourne.

At this point it is important to draw your attention to the fact that there are professionals, employees, employers, contractors, customers and the-like in every industry that are of a varying standard. There could be fantastic professionals, great customers, average employers, disgraceful contractors, amazing employers and rarely would someone's 'suitability' or the 'type of person' be used to describe someone’s ability to perform their job. How many of you have been to a dentist that hurt more than the previous? Every taken your car to a mechanic and believed you’ve been ripped off? Had a tradesperson attend your house and the bill was far greater than you expected? On the flip side, ever seen a doctor and been so pleased in how they handled your health? Had some financial advice that really helped you secure that property? Got a great deal on the last sports car you purchased? Melbourne Prostitution is no different to any other industry or sector; there are both good Sex Workers, and those who are not so good. I think you get the point.

‘The types of people who hang around Brothels’ – another common slanderous negative phrase thrown about by misinformed people. Firstly, aside from management and legal Sex Workers who are offering a service inside the Melbourne Brothel, who is ‘hanging’ around? No one. Yes guests are welcome to speak with the Sex Workers during an introduction, but it isn’t a cafe setting whereby anyone can simply hang around endlessly.

‘The types of people’, let’s now change the scope to instead of ‘hanging around’ to visit legal Melbourne Brothels as a legal customer. What ‘type’ of person enjoys sex? Is there a type? What ‘type’ of person sees a Doctor for medical attention? An Accountant for accounting advice? What ‘type’ of person sees a Bank Teller to process their money?

All types and walks of life.

I’m confident the majority of Doctors, Accountants and Bank Tellers enjoy sex equally as much as both you and I do. So what is the issue? Is sex sleazier in a legal Brothel than in your own bedroom? Is there a ‘type’ of person who is welcome to seek medical attention in a Medical Surgery, but is not able to seek a sexual service in a legal Melbourne Brothel? Imagine going to process your money at the Bank and having a probity test as to whether you’re fit and able to make a deposit? Is there a ‘type’ of person who prefers internet banking over face-to-face Bank Teller?

I think you get my point. All walks of life, both good and bad attend all service industries. We are all equally entitled to deposit some money in a Bank, and enjoy sexual pleasure in a legal Melbourne Brothel - possibly on the same day or night!

When it comes to speaking about legal prostitution in Melbourne, why is there most often an instantly negative connotation associated with it? What’s most interesting about how legal prostitution in Melbourne is spoken about; the majority of negative comments come from individuals who have had no actual exposure to the industry! No interaction whatsoever with a Sex Worker, Brothel manager, Escort Agency receptionist or similar. One of the best questions to ask someone who is giving an opinion on something – ‘oh, how do you know or why’s that’? Sadly the majority of misinformed opinions come from whatever they have seen on television.

If you are fortunate to interact with someone who openly shares their experiences of legal prostitution in Melbourne (believe me there will be friends, family members and colleagues who are seeking legal prostitution services in Melbourne and you have no idea), you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Legal Prostitution Service - Melbourne Brothel

Firstly, a legal Melbourne Brothel is an establishment that has been granted a permit by the Victorian government; to legally carry on the duties of prostitution within that premises. Furthermore the licensee is also granted a license by the Victorian government to run a legal prostitution business at that nominated premises. Some legal Melbourne Brothels also have a Melbourne Escort Licence in addition to their Brothel licence; this means they can perform Melbourne Escort out-calls, in addition to having brothel in-calls.

Legal Melbourne Brothels are restricted where they can be placed – not in residential areas and not near schools; just as an example. In the outer suburbs of Melbourne, they are scattered predominantly deep in the industrial areas. Closer to Melbourne CBD, there’s a pocket in South Melbourne where there are 7 Legal Melbourne Brothels within 2km radius. What do they look like? Some licensees have spent a fortune making their Legal Melbourne Brothel stand out; very prominent and noticeable. On the flip side, some licensees have gone for a much more discrete look. Some establishments have very obvious names, while some have a name that isn’t related or has a connotation to the Prostitution Industry.

The Madam, receptionist or ‘front of house’, is most often the first person you interact with when you enter a legal Melbourne Brothel, is a manager who also carries a valid license. They are likely to be very friendly, warm, welcoming while maintaining a firm line – they may direct you into a private waiting area or possibly a section of an open waiting area, where you still have some privacy but you can see other guests. Legal prostitutes (legal Sex Workers) who represent the legal Melbourne Brothel will come and have a quick chat with you; they will discuss the service they are offering and give you a chance to ask any questions – this is your opportunity to ask each Sex Worker any questions about their service; if you’re looking for a specific kink or fetish, anal service or similar. Please note, not all legal Sex Workers offer the same service – yes light massage, oral sex and penetration; even the delivery of those three things is different for each Sex Worker.

Upon chatting with all of the legal Sex Workers available, the Madam will come and ask if you’d like to book any of the Workers – you can also ask the Madam anything further questions you may have. If you’d like to book one of the legal prostitutes, the Madam will process your booking; if not, you are free to leave the legal Melbourne Brothel. A very straight forward meet and greet environment – the majority of legal Melbourne Brothels have beautiful waiting areas where you meet the Workers; you’ll feel comfortable and relaxed, some may offer you soft drinks or water, some may not.

Booking A Legal Prostitute In A Melbourne Brothel

You’ve viewed the Sex Workers available and told the Madam you’d like to book ‘Amy’ for 1 hour. From the waiting area, the Madam will bring you to the reception desk (most often near the entrance of where you walked in) and ask for payment for ‘Amy’. Rates in all legal Melbourne Brothels are clearly displayed, and are absolutely nonnegotiable – the majority of legal Melbourne Brothels will accept Visa, MasterCard and cash. You must pay the fee/rate for 1 hour before your booking can commence. Some legal Melbourne Brothels have standard rooms and deluxe rooms, while some all rooms are the same. A deluxe room could be a fantasy room/theme room, or it may have extra features such as a spa – Madam will explain any options you have at the time of your booking.

Upon payment being made, ‘Amy’ will come and greet you and take you to your own private room.  You will then be asked to take a shower and ‘Amy’ is likely to perform a quick genital inspection, just to make sure everything appears as it should be – this is for your protection and hers.

Unless you’ve prearranged a specific sexual service (role play, kinks, fetishes etc), your service is likely to begin with some light touching – break the ice, appease any nervousness and get an idea of each other. If you’re wanting a wham-bam sex straight up type of service – please make sure you let the legal Prostitute know, don’t just rush over and grab the Worker! Politeness and respect goes a long way; especially in this industry. Simply let the Worker know you want to get into the action!

Throughout your service in a legal Melbourne Brothel, if at any time you’re uncomfortable – you can leave at any time. If you have discussed a service you wanted with a Sex Worker during your introduction, however when you have paid and are now in the room and the Sex Worker says they won’t fulfil it. Don’t panic, simply gather your belongings and head back to reception and let them know. In legal Melbourne Brothels this is rare; however it is not to say it doesn’t happen. On the flip side, legal Sex Workers in Melbourne can also leave the room or a booking at any time they feel unsafe or threatened – they have full support of Brothel management in any situation whereby the Worker doesn’t feel safe.

While you’re enjoying time with ‘Amy’, approximately 10 minutes before your time is up, a buzzer is likely to sound in the room – this lets both you and ‘Amy’ know there isn’t a lot of time left. When time is up, a buzzer will sound or reception may directly call the room – it is now time for a shower, get dressed and gather your belongings. ‘Amy’ is likely to walk with you to reception – you can have a taxi called for you if required.

Please note, if at any time during your 1 hour booking you think that won’t be enough time and you’d like to extend your booking – let Amy know ASAP. That way she can let reception know and see if it’s possible (Amy may have bookings after you that have been pre-arranged).  Also, you will need to come down to reception to pay upfront for the extra time you’ve asked for.

Legal Prostitution Service - Melbourne Escort Agency

From a customer’s view in simple terms, a legal Melbourne Escort Agency is the same as a legal Melbourne Brothel except the Sex Worker visits your location – hotel, motel, penthouse, loft etc. The legal Melbourne Escort Agency does not offer rooms for hire for services of prostitution. An Escort service is an out-call service, whereas as mentioned above, a Brothel is an in-call service (while some Brothels have a license permitting both in-calls and out-calls).

As a legal Melbourne Escort Agency doesn’t have a premises for you to visit; e.g. you can’t randomly drive past it to find out – how do you find them? Think of an Escort Agency more as an online business offering a service – Google search or similar is often the best place to start.

When you call a legal Melbourne Escort Agency, you can expect to be greeted on the phone by reception staff that are ready to take your booking; and/or answer any questions you may have. Reception is similar to a Brothel Madam – reception have a list of all available Melbourne Prostitutes that represent the Melbourne Escort Agency at the time you call. You may be calling wanting a tall, blonde, curvy body with green eyes – reception will be able to let you know on the spot if someone is available that meets your requirements. You’ll also be asked how long you would like to book for, and also if there are any specific requests you may want as a part of your Escort experience – kinks, fetishes, role plays, toys (think of anything that may be outside the service of a light massage, oral and penetration) etc.

Reception staff of legal Melbourne Escort Agency will also ask where you’re located – this is important as some Agencies won’t travel 15 kilometres from Melbourne CBD for example. Or depending on how busy the Agency is, can depend if they have the resources to travel further or not as far as usual.

One of the best places to find useful information about a legal Melbourne Escort Agency is their website. Rates and fees should be clearly displayed – which are strictly non negotiable. There should be very clear contact details; whereby you know the phone number and how to contract reception electronically - usually by a 'contact us page'. Can you expect to see all of the Sex Workers available at the time you want to make a booking? This is entirely up to the Sex Worker – legal Escort Agencies always respect the right to privacy; if a Melbourne Prostitute doesn’t want their face on the website that is their choice. How do you know what they will look like? If an image isn’t available – some Agencies have blurred pictures, or body pictures online; if the Melbourne Escort Agency you’re dealing with is reputed, they won’t lie to you. Why? A reputed Agency wants your life long repeat business - in addition to you referring your friends and colleagues.

Booking a legal prostitute from a Melbourne Escort Agency

You’ve given reception your preferences for what you’d like in your Melbourne Escort experience, and they have discussed the available Sex Workers; you’ve decided to go ahead and book ‘Elise’ for 2 hours. Now what?

Firstly, you will need to give reception your Hotel details – including the name your room is booked under. The name you give to Escort Agency reception staff, must match the name your room is booked under. Reception will verify the information you’ve provided is true, by calling the Hotel and asking to be put through to room 100, under name John Smith (for example). If the name you provided doesn’t match, reception staff won’t be connected to the room. This is a safety measure that a reputed legal Melbourne Escort Agency won’t compromise on.

Once your room details are verified, reception will then need to take payment – Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Or if you prefer, you can pay cash directly to Elise when she arrives.

If you choose to pay cash upon Elise’s arrival, please ensure you give it to her within a few moments of her arriving. There is nothing more awkward and discourteous, than having a legal Sex Worker having to ask for payment. You could have the cash ready to give to her, or have it in an unsealed envelope – or if you find exchanging cash to ‘transactional’, simply leave cash in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom; and let Elise know she may want to freshen up, there’s something in their for her. Please also note: offering anything other than cash will not be accepted and trying to negotiate a reduction in rate directly with the legal Sex Worker will be considered very offensive.

Upon making your booking, reception should have given you a realistic estimate of how long until Elise arrives at your location. If that timeframe should change, due to unexpected traffic or weather conditions, reception will keep you updated at all times – via email, SMS or direct phone call. If you call a reputed legal Melbourne Escort Agency that is located in Melbourne CBD or nearby – and you’re staying in or close to the CBD; you can expect to have a legal Sex Worker arrive at your location within 30-45 minutes.

Now you wait, but what if you’re nervous? Don’t start guzzling large amounts of alcohol to try and ‘take the edge’ off. This rarely works and makes the situation far worse; for both you and when Elise arrives. Get ready like you would any other important night; whether it is a romantic date or a work function. Shower, groom, freshen up and then relax.

Elise has arrived, reception/concierge is letting her up – what do you do now? Relax, take a breath and welcome her like you would any other guest – despite how excited you may be, please don’t jump all over her or rush her at the door. It will frighten her, especially if you haven’t met before. Give a small kiss on the cheek if you like, otherwise open the door with a smile and ask her to come inside. As mentioned above, exchange money as soon as you can – get it out of the way, then both you and Elise can focus on enjoying time with each other.

Elise is likely to do a quick genital check before your service will begin – this is a safety check just to make sure everything appears as it should. This is not negotiable, and is for both yours and her health. Elise is likely to call legal Melbourne Escort Agency reception to let them know everything is fine and she is starting the booking.

As you’ve booked Elise for 2 hours, which is enough time to not have to worry about watching the clock. You may have an idea of how you’d like to start your time with Elise, or if you’re not sure, let her take control. You could start with a drink and conversation, some light touching and conversation; or you may want to get straight into things. There’s no right or wrong way to do things, just ensure there’s plenty of communication so you’re both on the same page.

As with the guidelines of legal Melbourne Brothel, if at any stage you’re not comfortable with your booking, you may decide to end it sooner than 2 hours (this is very rare). Similarly, if the legal Melbourne Sex Worker decides at anytime they don’t feel safe, they too are within their right to terminate the booking – with full support from the legal Melbourne Escort Agency.

Elise will let you know when your time together is near an end – giving you both a chance to finish things up without a mad 2 minute rush at the end. Upon completion, it would be greatly appreciated if you give Elise a chance to have a shower with fresh towels available. Once Elise has showered, she will make her way back down to her driver at the front of your Hotel.

If at any time during your booking you think 2 hours isn’t long enough – let Elise know sooner rather than later. This gives her a chance to call reception staff at the legal Melbourne Escort Agency, to see if she can stay longer with you. If you leave trying to get a booking-extension till the end of the booking, there may be other clients who have booked Elise after your initial booking time; making her unable to extend time with you. Please note: upon rebooking, you will need to pay upfront for each new block of time before you have extended time with Elise.

Operators of Legal Melbourne Brothel and Legal Melbourne Escort Agency

To hold a license to operate a legal prostitution in Melbourne service is no easy feat. Legal prostitution in Melbourne businesses are among the most scrutinised in the country – the licensees operating a legal Melbourne Escort Agency or Melbourne Brothel have passed probity testing of the highest order; by various Australian government organisations. Colloquially speaking, if you were to think of who is ‘dodgie’, ‘shady’, ‘shifty’ or any other term used to describe an unsavoury character (which sadly is often used when referring to Melbourne Prostitution); they are least likely to be involved in the operation of a legal prostitution business in Melbourne – whether it be a legal Melbourne Escort Agency or a legal Melbourne Brothel. Why? Firstly they would be unsuitable to hold a valid license that allows them to carry on business of a Melbourne Brothel or Melbourne Escort Agency. Secondly, the operator/licensee of the Escort Agency or Brothel has too much to lose to allow a person who is of unsavoury character to affect their ability to hold their license – having a person of unfit character or deemed not suitable by even the most common understanding, can cause the licensee to lose his/her license; aka livelihood.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world – and why do you think that is? Sexual pleasure and sexual desire is something that will humans will never want to go without; and why should we? Can you think of other industries that have such strong demand? Funeral parlours and maybe birthday cakes? Who knows, maybe these things will be replaced by the ever growing online world? Sure, there is no doubt online porn, live webcams etc have had an impact on the world of prostitution; but you can never replace human-to-human interaction – physical touch, smell and the feeling you get looking back at another human being enjoying the real raw emotion of sexual touch. Herein lies the demand for legal prostitution in Melbourne – with a demand so strong, there is no surprise why the industry or demand for Sex Workers has never died.

Advertising for legal Melbourne Brothels and Legal Melbourne Escort Agencies

In Victoria, legal Brothels and Escort Agencies are heavily regulated with advertising restrictions – the best place as with any online business is a Google search. You may see billboards, posters and vehicle wraps moving around Melbourne; especially during sporting events.

Another major misconception is that the legal Brothel and legal Escort Agency world is ‘smutty’ or ‘dirty’, similar to the Porn Industry. Legal Melbourne Brothel and Melbourne Escort Agency licensees cannot display any genitalia whatsoever – a far cry from being anything close to the world of Porn. There is more graphic material available in magazines available from Petrol Stations and Newsagents than you’ll see in any advertising by Melbourne Brothels or Melbourne Escort Agency operators.

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