Let a Melbourne Escort Massage Your Stresses Away

Do you find that your muscles are super tensed and you feel very stressed out due to a difficult week at the office? Maybe it is time for a sexy Melbourne Escort to make your stresses vanish by allowing her to treat you with a Nuru massage. What a wonderful way to feel relaxed and recharge yourself at the end of a stressful week. Many clients see value in reducing their stress with a massage from a sexy Melbourne Escort; when they return to work, their productivity is much greater after a period of relaxation. You may also want a Melbourne happy ending massage added to your standard massage service.

This type of massage is unlike anything you may have experienced before. Not only is it incredibly relaxing as the sexy Melbourne Escort uses her whole body to rub you the right way, but it proves super exciting due to the direct skin contact. Her breasts against your firm back area will create sensations you were not aware of. If you like Escorts with large breasts, this will feel especially sensual when you feel them pressing against you. Furthermore, when she turns you over, visually your senses will be heightened in all the right areas once you see those beautiful breasts moving up and down you. While you’re laying on your back looking up at your sexy Melbourne Escorts big breasts, just imagine how you’d feel if she started to give you a happy ending. If you’d like a happy ending simply let reception know when you speak with them. Check out the online Escort Gallery for a sneak peak at the quality of ladies available from Melbourne Escorts.

A sensual massage from an Escort like no other

However, what will help release tensed spots and relieve built-up tension would be her forearms. Melbourne Private Escorts have come close to mastering this Japanese way of massaging. These Escorts love making use of their buttocks, breasts and thighs to stimulate all your senses, which includes erogenous zones long forgotten. All this takes place without any penetration. Make sure you let reception know when making a booking, if you have a preference for females who have a big butt. It is especially sensual receiving a massage of this type, from a Melbourne Escort who has a large butt – clients report this positive feedback all the time.

As a matter of interest. Did you know that the Nuru gel used for massaging, happens to be a type of edible seaweed. There is no need for concern if some of it ends up in your mouth. It is also rich in antioxidants. What is more, the gel will revitalise your dried out and tired skin and get it glowing.

The private Melbourne Escort will generously apply the Nuru gel over her body together with some aromatherapy oils before she starts massaging you. This is one of the best ways to release feel good hormones that are often trapped inside your body. What is more, the oils are harvested from bark, flowers, leaves and roots. The scents from these properties trigger hormonal and chemical responses that serve to reprogram your thought when used together with holistic therapies like a massage. You will soon forget about your stressful week by opting for a Nuru massage – for extra relief and relaxation, ask for the extra happy ending massage to finalise your massage experience – you won’t be disappointed.

Furthermore, massaging serves to boost not only your mental well being, but it also improves your blood circulation. Why not book a session with an experienced private Escort in Melbourne who specialises in Nuru massage. Besides, it will relieve tension and help you rid your body of the physical and mental stress you may be suffering from. Especially if you did not have such a great week.

Contact Melbourne Escorts for relaxation

What better way to spoil yourself than letting a Melbourne Escort massage your stresses away. Book your appointment today and in no time you will feel the difference in the new, revitalised and relaxed you. Melbourne Escorts is a trusted Melbourne Escort Agency that delivers the quality they promise – you can book in confidence knowing you are in safe hands. If you are a first time client, or indeed a first time user of an Escort service; welcome! Please check the easy to read First Time guide as to how the Melbourne Escort Agency operates.

Contact reception directly on 1300 15 16 17 or online. Rates and booking information for all Escorts can be found here.