Make A Great Impression On Your Melbourne Escort

Making a great impression on your Escort is very important for a number of reasons. I have worked for Escorts Melbourne for a number of years, and been in the Sex Industry for about 12 years. I have worked privately, and also for a number of Melbourne Escort Agencies.

I believe both Seasoned Escort punters and first timers will enjoy many different aspects presented in this blog. It is a great opportunity to get an insight into the client-Escort relationship, or even brush up on your general awareness.

Client Escort Relationship Matters

Believe it or not gentlemen, no matter your beliefs or what you're into; you need me to like you. As a client, you are the recipient of a service just as a customer in a restaurant who is awaiting their coffee from a waitress. It is common knowledge that you don't want to insult your waitress, as who knows what they may do to your drink or food. Same goes with us, who knows what we may do with your private parts. LOL. Just kidding.

We are a professional Sex Worker by trade, who delivers a service. In any service industry, the customer or client will always get better service if they are nice, courteous and polite. Back to our waitress and customer awaiting their coffee; they are not entering an emotional or intimate relationship. We are. Common sense should prevail here, if you are a client are behaving in a rude, offensive or intimidating way; it is very hard for me to have good sex with you. My natural emotional response is to be apprehensive and on guard.

As Escorts, we need to firstly like you. After liking you, small barriers between us start to come down. As these barriers begin to diminish, trust starts to begin. Herein lies where you start to receive great service. Mind blowing orgasm service.

Your Time and Your Escorts Time Matter

The Melbourne, Australia working life seems to be forever increasing. Longer hours, fast paced and almost entering into a 24 hour endless lifestyle. My time is precious - I have family, day to day errands that need to be done, personal relationships to uphold, countless hours in the gym and beauty salons - and of course work. I'm sure your time is precious too. As part of being a high class Escort, my professionalism and appearance first sell my job. Secondly, my ability to perform my job as a high class Escort comes second. Let's face it guys, if I were ugly, unkempt, and continually ran late - would you even consider hiring me? I'd hope not.

Please be organised. The organisation on my end is easy. Nikki from reception gives me my appointments and details about each booking. I turn up and do my job. There are no justifiable excuses why I should be late - unless of course an emergency. Even then, as a client you will always be kept in the loop. Your organisation is what needs to be in check - you have payment to arrange (cash/PayPal/credit card), what sort of service do you want from me, hotel to book, time you want to see me and what day it will fall on. You need to coordinate all of that with the receptionist at Escorts Melbourne.

Then of course there is the service you are looking for. This is a big one that causes many clients grief. Firstly gentlemen, we are not mind readers. I can assume you like your dick sucked and you would like me bent over in front of you? But is that all? That is very vanilla. If that's all you're after - easily done. Don't cum too quick though! I need to enjoy myself too. Hehe. Honestly guys, do you want a GFE? PSE? Anal? You must let reception know when you make your booking what you're looking for. Please don't ring and just say you want a good time! LOL.

This is the end of Part 1 of 'Make A Great Impression On Your Melbourne Escort'. Please stay tuned for Part 2.

Adriana xx

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