Melbourne Escorts Employment

Melbourne Escorts Employment

Working in the Sex Industry for a licensed Melbourne Escort Agency like Sexy Melbourne Escorts is both legal and safe – you will find more laws and policies regulate prostitution in Melbourne, both administrative staff and Escorts working for Melbourne Escort Agencies and Melbourne Brothels, than any other industry. It is a common misconception that prostitution is illegal in Melbourne – yes there are rogue illegal operators, as with any industry. However licensed prostitution businesses such as Sexy Melbourne Escorts require staff just like any other business.

Female Escort Work In Melbourne

One thing that is different from any other industry, a licensed Melbourne Escort Agency and Melbourne Brothel cannot advertise for Escorts (sex workers / prostitutes); seems counter intuitive doesn’t it? A legal, licensed business can’t advertise for the very service they provide? Imagine if a newspaper wasn’t able to advertise an appealing position for journalists? Nonetheless, that is the current law in Victoria – despite being a female Escort in Melbourne is legal, as a business, our Agency can’t be seen to be encouraging any individual to commence working as an Escort or Sex Worker.

If you are a female in Melbourne wanting to become an Escort, our reception team would love to hear from you. Use our online contact form to contact management about potential Escort work, and please provide the following details (as best you can).

  • Your age (you must be at least 18 years of age)
  • Do you have any experience as a female Escort in Melbourne (It is fine if you don’t have any previous Escort experience. If you do, please provide some information about the service you provide or intend to provide as an Escort representing Sexy Melbourne Escorts, e.g. any kinks/fetishes, GFE, PSE, bisexual female experience)
  • The suburb that you live in

Once you have submitted your details, a manager who deals with female Escort work will contact you via the email address you provided.

Ladies from across the globe pride themselves on associating with Sexy Melbourne Escorts, Melbourne’s number 1 Premier High-Class Escort Agency (if you’re a touring Escort, please speak with reception – we’d love to hear from you).

Administrative Melbourne Escort Agency Employment

Recent changes to Victorian legislation governing Melbourne Escort Agencies and Melbourne Brothels, now allows licensed prostitution businesses to advertise for administrative positions. This is fantastic.

For a Melbourne Escort Agency to be successful, the focus isn’t only on providing stunning high-class female Escorts to clients. Let’s take a step back – how does a high-class female join Sexy Melbourne Escorts? An administrative process must occur!

We require management-level staff who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure our Agency continues to provide high quality experience to our clients. Administrative positions within our Escort Agency include:

  • Duty / Shift managers
  • Staff managers – must have fantastic people skills and have a strong customer service background. It is imperative for any manager within our Agency to be able to get the best out of any staff member. A positive work environment is a must.
  • Phone operators – highly skilled reception staff who act as a concierge. You must have a strong customer service background and if you have no prostitution / Escort phone experience; learn the industry as you go. A variety of shits available, around the clock.
  • Security drivers – ensure the safety of all staff, primarily female Escorts. Ensure safe handling of any cash payments from clients.

If you have any questions about working within our Melbourne Escort Agency – don’t be shy and contact reception via email or 1300 15 16 17. Even if there are no current positions available, it doesn’t hurt to keep in touch; even if it’s once a month.

Working with a high class Melbourne Escort Agency like ours is fun, safe, professional and dynamic.