Melbourne Escort Agency Etiquette

When calling Melbourne Escorts, or even if you’re making an online enquiry, the first impression you give is very important. Be polite, courteous and friendly. It seems very obvious, however you would be very surprised how rude and ill mannered some people can be. The reception staff at Melbourne Escorts are the ones who can make your booking happen. They are hired based on their experience within the Escort Industry and Sex Industry, they also must be friendly and display a customer service driven attitude and manner.

In short, be rude, discourteous and/or rude to them, and they are instructed not to continue with your phone call or email conversation. As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, the health and wellbeing of all staff, sub contractors and clients is of the utmost importance. Rude, abusive, crude or similar behavior will not be tolerated toward any of the administration staff or Escorts.

Describing the Escort experience you want

When speaking with reception, you may be discussing your fetishes, fantasies, sexual preferences and many other sexually orientated conversations. You can do this very tastefully and respectfully, while still getting your requrests across. You do not need to be rude or crude to explain that you would like a lady who offers anal sex, and also will provide you with a Girlfriend Experience, with extra attention spent sucking your balls.

There is no reason to ever use derogatory / swear/ abusive language toward reception staff.

Be nice, and they will be the most accommodating receptionist you have ever dealt with. If you are a first time customer of the high class Melbourne Escort Agency, or possibly a first time Escort customer; let them know, and they will ensure they spend enough time with you to explain how everything works. If you are worried, or a litle shy – don’t be. Just take your time in explaining what you are looking for, and if you’re not entirely sure; thats fine, they will help you fill in any blanks.

Melbourne Escorts operates 7 days a week, almost 24 hours a day – every day is a different day, which means there are different ladies who are available to spend time with you. When you speak with reception, don’t just ask “who’s on, or who’s avaialble”. Why? It would be silly to go through up to 30 different names and services available – you won’t remember 90% of what reception just said, furthermore there may only be 8 available when you are free to see one of the ladies. Also, you may only be attracted to blondes with really big breasts – that may only be 2 of those.

Before Calling Escorts Melbourne

Before calling, have an idea of what look and /or service you are looking for. E.g. brunette, short and chubby. In this instance, there would be no reason for the reception staff to go through Escorts who are blonde, tall and really thin. Get the gist? You may also want to have anal sex – this is a must for you. Of 10 ladies who may be available, 1 or 2 may only offer anal sex. Hence it would serve no purpose to tell you about the remaining 8 ladies that will not do what you’re looking for.

Never, ever, ever... Try and negotiate the prices that are given to you, or clearly displayed on the website with reception staff. This is a no no. Rates are clearly displayed here.

Escort Agency will require you to provide details of your hotel name, room number and the name the room is booked under. Once you have given reception these details, reception will then call the hotel reception and asked to be put through to your room number under the name you have provided. If you are paying by credit card, the name on the card must match the name the room is booked under. If you are paying by cash, you are to provide the agreed amount to your Escort within the first few minutes of her entering your room. Your booking will not proceed until the Escort Agency or Escort herself has received payment.

If for some reason, you would like to change your booking – let the Melbourne Escort Agency know ASAP. You must do this before 24 hours of your booking to receive a full refund. Otherwise a cancellation fee (50%) will be charged. If you are running late, unfortunately that time will be taken out of your booking time. Conversely, if your lady is running late, you will not miss out on any quality time with her.

Above all gentleman, Melbourne Escorts loves its clients and values their patronage. They have built a strong reputation, based on word of mouth – from both clients referring their friends and colleagues, and also the ladies that represent them; telling other Escorts that they are a high class Agency that looks after their girls. A select few VIP clients have been awarded VIP BLACK MEMBERSHIP status, which truly is being treated like a king. The Escort Agency does give back to those who have remained loyal over the years.

Please contact reception for all of your companionship needs on 1300 15 16 17.