Escort Agency Melbourne

Melbourne Escort Agency

Melbourne Escort Agency provides high class Escorts to men and couples throughout Melbourne, Victoria – both heterosexual female companions and bisexual female companions are available. Melbourne Escort Agency is a legal, legitimate and highly regulated business in Victoria. The operator of the Agency must hold a current licence issued by the government.

Escort Agency Basics

A Melbourne Escort Agency is an out-call service provider, whereby female companions come to you. There is no premises to visit, unlike a Melbourne Brothel – where clients attend the Melbourne Brothel to spend time with companions. Many clients refer to an Escort service like a pizza delivery service – this is very true, but in this case, Escorts tend to be much tastier! One of the main advantages of using an out-call service, rather than an in-call (Melbourne Brothel), is that you don’t run the risk of someone seeing you either enter, or leave the premises of a Brothel. Who may see you? Who knows – however in this day and age of Smartphones and increased surveillance across the globe; the only sure fire way to not be seen, is to not visit these type of premises in the first place. Secondly, the other advantage of staying in your Hotel room while ordering an Escort, is that you don’t need to leave the comfort of your surroundings. You simply pick up the phone, chat with reception, await for your sexy female companion of your choice to arrive.

What’s the downside?

One of the most talked about disadvantages of using a Melbourne Escort service, rather than visiting a Melbourne Brothel – with an Escort Agency, you can’t see the ladies in person. You are relying on the website/ receptionist to give you a realistic description if a photo is not available; and in some instances the photos are not realistic images of the actual Escort that is going to arrive at the clients door. Whereas in a Melbourne Brothel, you can see the lady in front of you; you can have a quick chat, ask any questions and take a good look at her in person.

If you choose a reputed Melbourne Escort Agency – this issue will not ever come up. Why? The reputation of the Agency is far more important than trying to deceive a customer for 1 booking. It is no secret or mystery, Escort Agencies rely on repeat clientele, and word of mouth referrals. The Agency’s reputation would tarnish very quickly, if they were known for misrepresenting their Escorts and not providing clients with companions they have paid for.

Many Escorts choose to work in the Industry with the utmost discretion. This is a major reason why many ladies will choose to align themselves with a Melbourne Escort Agency rather than work in a Melbourne Brothel – the Agency provides an additional layer of discretion whereby clients can not walk in and out of a premises to see who is working inside. As such, many female companions will choose to not have their face / body displayed publicly on the internet. Some will choose to have a blurred image, while some will choose to display nothing at all – these ladies are still available for bookings, however you will need to call and speak with reception to have their description accurately described to you. Some ladies do have images available, at the discretion of the receptionists – this means the receptionist can at his/her discretion, send an image provided by the private Escort to a client at the end of the booking process (this does not mean reception will freely send images to anyone who enquires who is working on a particular day/night). The best way to know who is working at a particular time – call reception directly on 1300 15 16 17.

As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, we respect the right to privacy and discretion of each and every private Escort that aligns themselves with our brand. We equally respect the right to privacy and discretion of each client and every client who makes a booking with our Agency. At no stage will this ever be compromised.

Choosing A Reputed Melbourne Escort Agency

Escorts Melbourne is a reputed, highly regarded, high class Melbourne Escort Agency. You can book in confidence, knowing that the female companion you see, or the female companion described to you by reception staff – will be accurate and not misleading. As described above, Escorts Melbourne is no different to any other high quality service provider, they rely on your repeat business and referrals. Furthermore, their high class reputation was not built overnight, rather over a lengthy period of time, gaining trust from clientele worldwide.

Escorts Melbourne is a non pressuring Agency. You can contact them directly by phone, or submit an online enquiry – with no obligation or pressure to make a booking. Rates and booking information is clearly displayed, so there are no misconceptions – any further details or additional costs (driving to your suburb may attract a drivers fee) will be clearly outlined over the phone when you make your booking. If there are any changes to your booking, such as unexpected peak traffic during football season – you will be kept up to date the entire time. You can choose whether you want to be contacted by email, phone or SMS – privacy is of the utmost importance, and discretion is paramount and guaranteed with every booking. Any Escort that arrives at your destination will be driven in a discrete security vehicle – you need not worry that someone may know you are using a dating service. Payment terms are very clear – you have the choice to either pay before your booking or when your sexy companion arrives.

There are numerous other aspects as to why Escorts Melbourne is a trusted and reputed provider of high class Escorts, but lastly – they are a business that has stood the test of time; clients trust the business and provide repeat business, and Escorts themselves continually wish to align themselves with the brand. The business is always contactable by the same reliable number, 1300 15 16 17 – not a mobile number that changes every month. Website is clear, easy to use and no details are hidden. As a potential client, you know exactly what you’re up for with no hidden costs.

Contact our Melbourne Escort Agency on 1300 15 16 17 to book a female companionship experience that is sure to satisfy.