Melbourne Escort iPhone App

As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, Escorts Melbourne like to ensure they keep up with modern technology and implement any changes they believe will help provide a better experience for their clientele.  There have been a few iPhone apps that have been developed for different Escorts, however do you think it is really helping clients receive a better experience?

How will a Melbourne Escort client benefit?

This is really where I’m at. I just don’t see how a client will receive a great advantage from being able to access or liaise with an Escort Agency, or private Escort for that matter via an iPhone app. Let’s discuss why:

Firstly, for an iPhone app to be effective – it must be current, in real time. A perfect example of this would be Ubereats; you can order food from various restaurants in real time, with each individual restaurant providing an accurate time of delivery and – a real time map of where the delivery driver is en route to your destination.

Now let’s use this Ubereats example, however making it relevant for the use by an Escort Agency. Let’s face it gentlemen, when you order an Escort – it is like ordering something to eat isn’t it? Well for some clients. The Agency has say 15 ladies available on a Thursday night – this would be like Ubereats having 15 restaurants available to choose from on a Thursday night. Each lady, is unique in her own way; as is each of the restaurants.

Unless a restaurant closes before the advertised time on Ubereats, or runs out of ingredients and then cannot deliver a dish that is advertised; or something similar. All things should be fairly smooth sailing. I personally can’t think of any reputable restaurants that will close well before their advertised time, or for some reason not offer a dish; unless of course it was extremely exquisite. Escorts on the other hand - if only we were that reliable as an Industry. Yes we have shifts, or availabilities – however unlike a restaurant, we can pick and choose and change them whenever we feel like it. No it certainly isn’t good etiquette, however it is the reality of it. In a restaurant, there are many other staff members who can assist in the kitchen or delivery aspect of the business if it is short staffed. If you want anal with me (Italian, 5’10” Brunette, 10DD) and the only alternative is Asian, 5’2”, Black hair, 8A who doesn’t offer anal; it is likely you wouldn’t be very happy. Yes if the Agency has a long list of other girls available, you may be able to find another that suits what you’re looking for. But! This defeats the purpose of convenience – you have selected a lady who appears available on your iPhone app, however she isn’t really. Herein starts a long and tedious process of administration back peddling. There is also nothing worse for a Melbourne Escort Agency to have to call a client back, after a booking has been made and make a change – it appears unprofessional, even if it was beyond their control. I believe this would occur regularly if bookings were done via an iPhone app.

How is this avoided? Call reception directly.

Food for thought for receptionists out there working in Agencies – should this be added to your list of duties; ensuring the iPhone app is continually being changed to reflect real time changes? I would say yes if, and this is a very big if, there were minimal changes to be made. Meaning – ladies would not be late or decide not to finish work early etc

Melbourne Escort Agency Safety

One major concern about having a booking system that is totally automated, without any human-human interaction; you can’t gauge the person at all. Currently, with a client calling reception, they can get a gauge of their demeanour, attitude, personality plus more. If they are simply booking through an iPhone app – this removes that level of safety and security. You cannot beat human intuition and instinct which can only be felt via human-human contact.

When a client makes a booking and gives their reservation details, e.g. Crown Towers Melbourne, room 1176. The client must provide the same name that the reservation is in. Reception staff will call Crown Towers Melbourne, and be asked to be put through to room 1176 Mr Smith. If the names don’t correspond with the room number, the call will not be placed through – and the Escort Agency knows the call is bogus. This phone call to verify the room number and name will still have to take place. The proposed Melbourne Escort iPhone App will not remove this step.

Could A Melbourne Escort Benefit From An iphone App?

Firstly, she would have to ensure clients have downloaded and are using the Melbourne Escort iPhone app. If they aren’t using it, then there is no way it will generate leads. There is no doubt some Smartphone apps are very cool, easy to use and very appealing. Having a smart new app that looks impressive with some great features and images can appear impressive. However it is not that much difference between browsing a Smartphone friendly website and an app. If you want detailed information, less will be found on an app than a website. The major concern aside from not having enough clients using the Escort app is the security issue which was mentioned above. Not having anyone speak with a potential client before meeting them just doesn’t sit right with me. However, I do know of some private Escorts who only communicate via SMS; again it just doesn’t sit right with me. It gives me the impression the client is suspicious and/or has something to hide.

Currently, I’d say Google related searches and websites are the best way to generate work. If in the future Escort iPhone apps became popular and gained momentum, then the potential is there. However iPhone apps have been around now for quite some time, I still can’t see this Industry moving toward it any time soon.

Thanks for reading guys,

Adriana xxx – former high class Melbourne Escort and current Escort Agency consultant.

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