Melbourne Escort Lingo

Escorts Melbourne understands that sometimes there is jargon or lingo that is used within the Escort and Sexy Industry, that seems like gibberish; especially if you are new to the Melbourne Escort Agency. Escorts Melbourne understand that it can often be confusing and at times make people feel uncomfortable, if they don't understand what is written or said from those who are more experienced within the Industry.

Understanding Melbourne Escort Lingo Is Important

You may be a client reading advertisements from Escorts, or involved in specific Melbourne Escort forums whereby you are wondering what these terms mean. Or in some instances, formal recognised acronyms or street abbreviations.

This blog post is aimed at providing you with a guide of the most commonly used lingo and/or acronyms. It will not only up skill you and allow you to get the most out of your Escort booking, but also save you time by understanding the services offered and potentially avoid any awkwardness by not knowing something; or even worse, going along with something because you are afraid to say you don't understand what has been said or written.

Please remember, you are welcome to contact reception at any time if there is something you aren't sure about - submit an online enquiry here.

Escort Lingo


Anal play: can involve external play only, often by the tongue or finger. It may also involve penetration of the anus by a finger, sex toy, tongue, penis or similar.

Analingus / Anilingus: often called 'rimming. This is both an oral and anal sex act, whereby the anus is stimulated by a persons tongue. Often called 'eating ass' or licking the anus.

Anal sex: often called 'Greek'. As the name suggests, penetration of the anus by a penis.


BJ: blow job. Oral sex on a male.

BBBJ: bareback blow job. Male receives oral sex without a condom.

BBW: big beautiful woman. Escorts who are very voluptuous and large, often size 18 and above.

BDSM: bondage, discipline dominance, submission, sadomasochism. This service should only be performed by Escorts who have had specific BDSM training. Clients please understand if you are participating in BDSM, especially the hardcore disciplines within, and you are NOT with a trained Escort - many permanent scaring and injuries may occur.

BLS: ball licking and sucking. Male getting his testicles stimulated by tongue, whereby his testicles will be licked and sucked.


CBJ: covered blow job. Oral sex performed on a male with a condom.

CG: cowgirl. Sex position whereby a female is on top, facing the male.

CIM: cum in mouth. Ejaculate in the mouth.

CIMWS: cum in mouth with swallow. Ejaculates into the mouth, the receiver then swallows the ejaculated cum.

COB: cum on body. Ejaculate on the recipient's body.

COF: cum on face. Ejaculate on the recipients face.

Cougar: Describes an older Escort who enjoys bookings with a younger man.

Couples: A bisexual Escort who services couples.


DATY: dining at the y. Also known as cunnilingus whereby a female receiving oral sex. You performing oral sex on your Escort.

Dinner Companion: A social outing whereby your Escort provides pure companionship only. No sexual service.

Doubles: A threesome with two girls and you. A double is whereby you book two Escorts during your booking. They may be bisexual, they may be not. Please specify if you are making a 'doubles booking', whether you want bisexual Escorts or not.

DFK: deep french kissing, open mouth with tongue. Passionate kissing will be available with your Escort at her discretion. If you do not have good hygiene, DFK will not be an option.

DDP: double digit penetration

DP: double penetration, two guys on one girl. You and a mate may want to try DP with an Escort, whereby you both are penetrating her at the same time. Please ensure you give details to reception if you would like DP. Not all Melbourne Escorts offer this service.

DT: deep throat, entire length of penis taken in mouth while performing oral sex. DT is a service that is dependent on how big your cock is. Most Escorts do perform DT, however if you are extraordinarily big - let reception know. Not all ladies may be able to accommodate you.


Facial: ejaculating on a sexual partners face. This goes both ways. Some Escorts are squirters, who upon climaxing, will be able to ejaculate over your face while you perform oral sex on her.

FE: female ejaculation. Also known as 'squirters' or a 'squirter'.

Fisting: Penetration of the anus or vagina with a persons fist.

Fire and Ice: giving oral sex, switching between hot tea (fire) and a cold ice cube.

French: refers to oral sex. Most commonly a blow job, or oral sex performed on a male.

French Kiss: Kissing with tongue insertion. Passionate kissing, please see DFK above.

FS: full service. An Escort who provides you with oral sex and vaginal penetration. Please note, if you would like Anal sex; please enquire with reception as to which Escorts offer it. Not all ladies offer Anal sex.


GFE: girlfriend experience. A more intimate service offered by some Escorts to clients, as the name suggests, a service that would be very similar to what you would want or expect from a girlfriend; without any headaches!

GND: girl next door: An Escort who has a very natural look, something you'd expect from 'the girl next door'.

Greek: anal sex.

GS: golden shower. Water play whereby an Escort will urinate on a client.


Handjob (HJ): hand relief. Also known as Happy Ending. Penis is stimulated by hand.

Happy Ending: A handjob or hand relief. Whereby the male will be bought to climax by a female masturbating his penis.


Italian: penis rubbing in between butt cheeks. There is no anal penetration with Italian service.


LK: Light kissing. Kissing with a closed mouth, no tongue involved.


MILF: Mother I'd like to f*c*. Describes a hot, sexy older mother.

MFF: Male Female Female. A threesome with one man and two females.

MMF: Male Male Female. A threesome with two men and one female.

Multiple positions: An Escort that encourages sex with a client in more than one position.

Mutual masturbation: An Escort that allows you to masturbate her, while she masturbates you.

Mutual french: Also called a 69. Both Escort and client will participate in oral pleasure at the same time.

MSOG: multiple shots on goal. Escort will allow you to orgasm more than once.


Natural bush: unshaven or hairy pubic hair.


Overnight: an Escort who will stay with a client overnight.


Prostate massage: also known as the male G spot. Massaging the prostate by fingertip or toy via the anus.

PSE: porn star experience. This is a service that is offered by some Escorts, which as the name suggests, mimics or reenacts a scene from a Porn movie. Typically opposes the romantic and intimate GFE (see above). The Porn Star Experience offers clients the ability to live out the fantasies and desires that they may not be able to experience in their committed or previous relationships.


Rimming: also known as Analingus. Stimulating the anus by tongue.

RCG: reverse cow girl. Girl is on top, facing away from the man's face.

RPG: role play games. Some Escorts offer role play service, whereby you and your Escort will act scenes. This could be a doctor and nurse scene or a police and criminal scene. There are many more and comes down to your imagination.


Snowballing: sexual act of transferring cum from one persons mouth to another.

Spanish: rubbing your penis between your Escorts breast. Some Escorts will allow you to climax from this position.

Spanking: sexual act of lightly slapping the buttocks for sexual pleasure. This is not BDSM.

Spit roast: Two men and 1 woman. Whereby the woman is in between the two men. Providing oral sex and receiving vaginal or anal sex at the same time. If you want to book this service, please ensure you tell reception before making your booking.

Strap on: A dildo that is strapped on, or worn to penetrate a males anus.


Tea bagging: sexual act of placing testicles in the mouth for pleasure.

Tromboning: a sexual act performed on a male, whereby the giver is behind the males anus. He is getting his anus pleasured by tongue, while having his penis masturbated.