Publishing Melbourne Escort Reviews

Escorts Melbourne is a leading Escort Agency in Melbourne, offering a unique high class, intimate female companion experience to each and every client. Throughout the Melbourne Escort Agency’s website, you will see many statements about ‘every client being treated as an individual’, ‘no two bookings are ever the same’, ‘no one size fits all approach’ etc. You will also see many statements relating to privacy, discretion and confidentiality ensured with each booking.

In layman’s terms, this means no matter who you are, what you’re looking for in your Escort experience, how much money you have, how much money you’re going to spend with Escorts Melbourne – you will be treated the same; there will be no special treatment. The ‘same treatment’ whereby your private details (hotel details, drivers license, passport etc) will be protected, your sexual requests that you share with the booking agent (reception staff) will be protected, how you pay (whether it be cash or credit card) and how much you spend will also be protected.

Protected in the most simple sense; it will not be shared with anyone.

Rates charged by Escorts Melbourne are clearly displayed – you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out that a bill for booking a Diamond Melbourne Escort for the evening will not be a small fee. If you were spending thousands of dollars seeking the service of Escorts in Melbourne, would you want anyone else knowing this? Highly likely you don’t!

Furthermore, many people may be seeking Escorts Melbourne professional companionship services for a variety of reasons. Yes, some clients may in fact be ‘cheating’ on their partner – again, not a moral judgement for anyone to make except the individual who may be ‘cheating’. If you fit in the ‘cheating’ category, it is also highly likely you won’t want anyone knowing you’re seeking professional companionship services.

Up to now, we have only considered the privacy, discretion and confidentiality of clients. This also applies to the female Escorts who represent Escorts Melbourne. The majority of female Escorts who represent their Agency, have professional careers outside being a high class Melbourne Escort. As such, many do not wish to have photos in circulation and hence operate with the utmost discretion – another major reason why many females prefer to work with a Melbourne Escort Agency, rather than a Melbourne Brothel. For those unaware, in a Melbourne Brothel you do physical ‘introductions’ whereby you meet potential clients face to face. Potential clients as many guys will go around to various Brothels just to see who is working, with no intention of actually booking a Melbourne Prostitute. As such, Brothel workers could ‘meet’ up to 50+ guys a night – with a Melbourne Escort Agency, you do not have to meet anyone except the person who is paying for your time.

Quickly jumping back to male clients privacy and discretion; many will choose to book a female companion with a Melbourne Escort Agency to avoid ‘bumping’ into, or seeing other potential clients at Melbourne Brothels.

Why Escorts Melbourne Don’t Publish Escort Reviews

Given the above discussion about privacy, confidentiality and discretion for both clients and female Escorts – could you honestly trust an Escort Review being published?

Firstly, which Melbourne Escort Agency would publish a negative review?

Secondly, let’s say the names of both client and female Escort are changed for ‘privacy’ reasons – how can it be validated to be true? Escort Reviews are almost like references in a Resume – no one includes a bad one, and anything that’s listed will be positive. Anything that is posted on a website from the business or developers can be edited. Even in forums, some have every post to be moderated while some don’t. Forums can have ‘fake’ users sign up, some may have a personal grievance with an Escort and post a flood of negative reviews. On the flip side, an Escort could potentially create fake accounts posting regular positive reviews.

Escorts Melbourne receives feedback from clients on an irregular basis – once a booking is complete, all clientele are welcome to contact reception whenever they choose; most often this is to make a booking in the future. Sometimes it is to give feedback on a recent booking. Most bookings that occur, feedback is not provided. The last thing a client wants is to have a Melbourne Escort Agency ‘chase’ or contact them for feedback – clients know how and where to contact the Agency if required. Imagine as a client you’re being contacted while you’re at work, or away with your girlfriend about how ‘last week’s experience with Sophie was’. Disaster written all over it.

Same goes with female Escorts, most often feedback isn’t provided on bookings.

Thirdly – let’s assume 100% transparency with providing truthful reviews including accurate details of both client and Escort. Imagine there was a mix up of allowing details to be published without permission – instant trust lost between client and Agency. It can take 15 years to develop a reputation like Escorts Melbourne, and only seconds to lose it.

Trust The Melbourne Escort Agency You Deal With

This is not revealing a secret business fact for Melbourne Escort Agencies – they need clients to survive. Ideally repeat business to ensure success and longevity. They also need female Escorts to enjoy representing the Agency, to allow the Escort Agency to service clients bookings. Given this business premise, it is in their interest to provide you with a female companionship experience that you will enjoy and want again in the future. Trust who you book your Escort experience with – Escorts Melbourne are not the only Agency in town, book an Escort in confidence from a Melbourne Escort Agency that is honest with you.

Escorts Melbourne have a very clear, blanketed ‘do not disclose details of clients of Escorts’. This is unambiguous and gives clients and potential clients peace of mind that there details will never be shared of published.

Do you know where the best female Escort reviews are? Word of mouth from someone you know and trust.

If you wish to make a booking to spend time with a high class female companion call 1300 15 16 17 and reception will make it happen.

Or if you have any questions about the wonderful world of Escorting contact the team via online contact form.