Stop Illegal Massage Parlours Operating In Melbourne

Help stop illegal Massage Parlours operating in Melbourne by sharing this article, and any news articles online or in hardcopy with friends, family and colleagues. Increasing awareness in society is key in stopping the illegal sex trade in Melbourne. If you suspect a massage parlour is operating as an illegal Melbourne Brothel near you, report it to Victorian police; but most importantly report it in writing to your local member of parliament. If you action your complaint in writing to your local member of parliament they can fight on your behalf to have it closed down.

The Victorian Police are trying to crack down on the operators of illegal massage parlours and the clients who attend the business for illegal sexual services. To operate a sex on premises business of prostitution, you need a relevant license issued by the Victorian government. The screening process for suitable applicants is very stringent and highly regulated with the attempt of having legal operators of ‘good character’ – this protects the Sex Workers, ensuring they aren’t forced to work as a Sex Worker and/or in poor working conditions. It also protects the general public who may wish to attend a legal sex on premises Brothel for sexual services, ensuring they aren’t partaking in forced sex slavery and also their own personal safety of seeing a Sex Worker who has regular medical checks and operates safe sex practices.

The operators of illegal massage parlours disguised as Brothels are operating these businesses without a license from the government. They are free to do as they please, with no license regulations to adhere by. Minimal setup costs and the business is often operating within days of signing a lease – a simple lease, signage and massage tables; compared to establishing a legal Brothel that can take years for a sex work license to be approved, legal fees, accountant fees, often over inflated commercial leases from landlords who believe Brothel owners make millions of dollars.

It’s estimated that there are 500+ illegal Brothels disguised as massage parlours in Melbourne, compared to an estimated 40 legal Melbourne Brothels – imagine how many individual illegal Sex Workers are being employed and exploited by those business. It really is a sickening thought. This puts not only the Sex Workers at risk, but also clients who frequent these workers/establishments.

How To Spot An Illegal Brothel Disguised As A Massage Parlour

Here’s some tips on how to spot illegal Brothels operating under the disguise of a legitimate massage parlour in your area:

  1. Trading hours. Illegal massage parlours offering sexual services tend to be open till late in the evening, e.g. 11pm. Do you know legitimate myotherapists or remedial massage therapists open till 11pm? No.
  2. You don’t see women entering the premises. Illegal massage parlours tend to only service male clients. Legitimate sports therapy and relaxation therapy clinics often see an equal proportion of men and women.
  3. Discrete rear entrances. Illegal massage parlours often have discrete rear or side entrances to offer extra privacy for their illegal operation. You don’t see alternative entrances to legitimate massage clinics.
  4. Flashing neon sign.
  5. Completely covered front windows with pictures of flowers or ladies. Legitimate therapeutic clinics tend to like to have a very open street front.
  6. Do a google search of the phone number and address and it comes up on adult/sex directories. Often clients will give reviews online with the location of the illegal massage parlour.
  7. No HICAPS or private health rebates.
  8. Accept cash only
  9. If you look where the garbage is stored, usually at the side of the premises, the rear or even in a storeroom – there are garbage bags full of used tissues!

Dangers of illegal Brothels in Melbourne – Sex Workers And Clients

The paramount issue that is associated with massage parlours in Melbourne operating as illegal Brothels is health and safety.

Legal Melbourne Brothels and Melbourne Escort Agency’s such as Sexy Melbourne Escorts, are required by law to obtain health certificates from any Sex Worker that represents either the Brothel or Agency. No health certificate, no work – it really is as simple as that. This is important for both the Sex Worker, and the client who uses their service.

With the number of illegal Brothels in Melbourne booming, many workers who approach a legal Melbourne Escorts Agency or Brothel looking for work – as soon as they are asked to provide a health certificate, many never return the email / phone call. Why? Because unfortunately they can join an illegal Melbourne Brothel disguised as a legitimate massage service, no health certificate required – without fear of the law prosecuting them.

As mentioned, it’s estimated that there are 500+ illegal Brothels operating in Melbourne disguised as massage parlours. If each illegal massage business has only 3 illegal Sex Workers (it’s likely to be much greater and not uncommon to have at least 10 illegal sex workers in the illegal brothel), seeing a 5 clients per day (likely to be much greater), working 4 days per week (likely to work much more); that equates to at least 30,000 weekly interactions with the public who are at risk of contracting an infection or disease due to unsafe sexual practices and unhygienic massage conditions. It’s just not acceptable.