The Best Melbourne Prostitution Experience

Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that has the sexiest prostitutes in Melbourne available, and also offers the ultimate Melbourne Prostitution experience money can buy. The emphasis is on each and every client experiencing the ultimate prostitution experience - not just a standard service of 'I'm just booking a prostitute in Melbourne for the hour'. The problem with a standard service, is that it is like casting a large fishing net - there's a lot it doesn't catch.

Sure, a standard service or generic service can cater to the majority, however each and every client of our Melbourne Escort Agency has a different need and want to the next - it could be something as simple as one client wanting a firm massage with a happy ending, while another client wants a very soft relaxing massage. If our Agency offered the same service to both of those clients, only one would be happy. A 50% satisfaction rate would most definitely lead to an end to our business. As a high class prostitution service provider, our aim is to satisfy 100% of our clients and to ensure each and every client is sexually satisfied at the end of each Escort booking - we pay attention to the fine details of the sexual needs of each and every client.

We can say with confidence, that our Melbourne Prostitution experience is the best; the number 1 in the country. Here's why our prostitutes in Melbourne are in such high demand around the country.

Why Our Prostitutes In Melbourne Are The Most Sought After

The demand for sex in Melbourne is epic, and forever growing - however the demand for good, high quality sex is even greater. The prostitutes in Melbourne that represent our brand, Escorts Melbourne, provide each and every client with a unique prostitution experience - tailored to their specific sexual needs, ensuring each client is sexually satisfied. Not just any prostitute in Melbourne is able to represent our brand; each female prostitute is carefully selected - ensuring only the highest quality ladies are available for our clientele.

Our female Melbourne prostitutes:

  • age ranging from 19-45
  • the majority have tertiary education, well traveled and hold a conversation well.
  • are of good character: positive personality, caring, loving and very friendly.
  • take pride in their appearance at all times - check our online prostitution gallery to get an idea of just how beautiful these ladies are.
  • conduct themselves as high class professional courtesans (you wouldn't know they are working as a sex worker).
  • can blend in with any environment (social, professional, family, recreational)
  • are available by appointment only (book one of our sexy ladies for 1 hour, or for as long as you'd like - see our prostitution rates page).
  • heterosexual and genuinely bisexual female playmates available
  • is this your first time booking a prostitute in Melbourne? Our ladies will make you feel comfortable and at ease straight away.
  • offer both sexual services and non intimate/companionship only - many of our older clientele simply want the company of a young beautiful woman.
  • offer a wide variety of different sexual services: including all kinks and fetishes / intimate girlfriend experience (GFE) / raunchy pornstar experience (PSE) / happy ending massages,  plus many more!

Melbourne Escort Agency Offering World Class Prostitution

Escorts Melbourne is a Melbourne Escort Agency that has over 60 years of management experience in Melbourne Prostitution - we know it, understand it and consequentially can provide a world class prostitution experience to each and every client.

  • Open 7 days per week, both night and day.
  • Up to 30 sexy prostitutes available - all offering different sexual services.
  • Highly trained reception staff available to take your bookings.
  • Servicing Melbourne CBD and immediate surrounds within 30 minutes of you making a booking.
  • Servicing the outer suburbs of Melbourne during non peak times (please speak with reception to see if your suburb is available for a sexy Escort in Melbourne to visit your hotel or apartment).

Our Melbourne Escort Agency knows how to ensure we have only the best of the best ladies represent our brand - each female prostitute that represents our brand is looked after, treated well and in turn; is excited to work and service our clientele. If you've ever had an experience with a sex worker where she doesn't seem interested, the experience is usually very poor and unsatisfying. Not with our Agency - you can book a premium high quality prostitution experience with us in confidence, knowing that the lady who has come to service your booking is just as excited and eager to be there are you are.

Our booking staff (reception staff) have all been extensively trained, and have a wealth of experience in the Melbourne prostitution industry. When you call our Agency, you will instantly feel at ease when reception speak with you. They will ask you many questions about your sexual preferences, what sort of female prostitute you may be interested in; and then together, you and our reception staff will tailor an experience for you that will not only satisfy your sexual desires, but exceed your expectations!

Our Melbourne Escort Agency is also renowned at being able to service 'strange' bookings no one else can - we cater for every niche market within the Melbourne Sex Industry. If it turns you on, we will do our best to find a female prostitute that will fulfill your wildest dreams and fantasies. If you have had issues with finding a prostitution service provider to satisfy your needs, our reception staff are available round the clock via email - why not send an them enquiry.

Call 1300 15 16 17 now to arrange a prostitute in Melbourne to come and satisfy your sexual desires.