What you can expect from a high class Melbourne Escort Agency

Melbourne Escorts is a high class Melbourne Escort Agency that prides itself on delivery world class service to clientele Australia wide. Located only moments from Melbourne CBD, if you are lonely in Melbourne look no further – there is no reason to ever be lonely while we’re open; and that is 7 days a week. If you’re staying in Melbourne CBD or surrounds (Docklands, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, Southbank, Crown Casino, South Melbourne), you can have a sexy Melbourne Escort at your accommodation within 30 minutes (excluding extreme traffic).

As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, all feedback is taken on-board and valued; both good and bad. As it is from feedback that positive changes can be made to ensure the service and Escort experience we provide to our clientele remains world class.

It is important to remember, and anyone who has or is involved in providing a high class service, that not all clients have expectations you can meet – this may be because some have unrealistic expectations, some have expectations that are of a higher standard than you, some don’t understand the service that is being provided and as such aren’t on the same page as the service provider; just to name a few. Either way, Melbourne Escorts strives to not only meet every client’s expectations, but exceed them – if at any time you feel we haven’t met your standards, please let us know.

Melbourne Escort Agency Strives For Excellence

Your first point of contact with Melbourne Escort Agency is an online presence – is the website user friendly and the content of a high standard? Can you easily find all the information you’re looking for? Many clients subconsciously overlook the website being the first point of contact, however it really is – and will set the tone whilst browsing the site before you’ve even called reception.

As a client, you can expect a high class Melbourne Escort Agency to have a website that has all of the basic information you’re looking for; clearly displayed, with no ambiguity – information on how to contact the Melbourne Escort Agency, rates for Escorts available and services offered by the Escorts.

Images of available Escorts is always an interesting expectation from clients – should all Escorts have their face clearly visible to clients on the website? Do all clients want to see an image of an Escorts face before they are willing to make a booking? Our Melbourne Escort Agency has never had a complaint when a client wants to see a photo, and one isn’t available – there is a twofold answer for this. Firstly, our reception staff don’t misrepresent any Escorts to clients; descriptions are accurate. Our reputation has been built on providing clients with honest information, hence they can trust us. Secondly, it appears even the most novice punters, some who have never even made a booking with a Melbourne Escort Agency before calling us (first timers); understand why an Escort would want full privacy and discretion and hence why she’s chosen to work for a Melbourne Escort Agency rather than a Melbourne Brothel. For clients who don’t understand the difference, in a Melbourne Brothel you can have a quick meet and greet before you make a booking at reception. A Melbourne Escort Agency does not have a premises that you visit, hence you don’t have the option of a meet and greet. The majority of Sex Workers who opt for an Escort Agency over a Brothel, do so primarily for the discretion and privacy.

When you call high class Melbourne Escort Agency, you can expect reception staff to be polite, courteous, helpful and very knowledgeable about not only their Escort business - but also the wider Industry. Think of the receptionist answering your call when you want to book a female companion the same as the concierge at your favorite Hotel - they should be eager to help you. If at any time you're speaking with Melbourne Escort Agency reception staff and you're not sure what they mean, or need something clarified further - don't be shy, let them know. It is very important moving forward to making a booking that you and the Escort Agency are both on the same page. You may also be just "fishing" around to see which Melbourne Escort Agency you're going to book with at a later date - there is sometimes no better way than to give them a call, ask a few questions and see their response. A quick tip: even the best receptionists in the Industry are not mind readers - if it's your first time calling, let reception know. You could say something as easy as, "Hi, I've never called an Escort Agency before, do you mind if I ask you a few questions".

When calling a Melbourne Escort Agency, understand that on occasion they may not be able to service your request / offer you a booking - however this isn't necessarily a bad thing, and certainly not a reflection of poor service. Why? As a client looking for a high class Escort experience, you should value honesty from a service provider - an Escort Agency that will decline your patronage because it can't be serviced to a high standard is not a bad thing. What is a bad thing, is an Agency taking a booking knowing full-well that it is not exactly what the client is looking for. Near enough isn't good enough, and nor should it be for you.

Would you be satisfied with a female companion arriving at your door that you didn't want? If reception told you you'd have a short, sexy Asian Escort with a big butt and large breasts arriving in 30 minutes; yet a tall, blonde, petite with almost no butt and small breasts arrived? You wouldn't. In turn, you'd appreciate a Melbourne Escort Agency that would decline your booking in that instance - honesty always wins in the long term.

Providing Feedback To Melbourne Escort Agency

Feedback, both positive and negative is an integral part of any high class Melbourne Escort Agency - ensuring commitment to continue to provide a service and experience that is second to none. Without feedback, that can't be done.

As a client, you can expect the female companion that was described to you by reception, or if a photo was able to be provided at the time of you making a booking - to look like the Escort that arrives at your door. If she doesn't, call reception immediately - this should not occur with a high class Melbourne Escort Agency. Why? Time is taken with each client to ensure that it doesn't - it really is as simple as that. Important point is common sense must prevail - if a female companion is described as tall, red hair, green eyes, pale skin with some freckles; some variation from that is fine. Everyone will have an exact interpretation as to what pale skin looks like, but how pale is too pale? Or not pale enough? Pale is not tanned, easily distinguishable.

If you've requested a female companion who performs a specific service, such as Greek or PSE; and upon her arrival she says she doesn't - speak with reception immediately. Please keep in mind that hygiene is essential, and your sexual health must not be compromised. Any Escort can refuse to perform a service or continue a booking if they feel it is unsafe to do so. Any Escort representing a high class Melbourne Escort Agency will have full support of the Agency if such as situation presents.

Melbourne Escort Agency Values Both Clients And Escorts

High Class Melbourne Escort Agency values both clients and the Escorts that represent the Agency equally - as without both, the business doesn't exist. Discretion, privacy, respect and integrity is instilled in each and every booking. Furthermore, neither a client or an Escort should ever feel threatened, violated or disrespected during a booking. Any client or Escort that exhibits such behavior will not be welcome to be apart of the Agency.