First Time Booking Escorts in Melbourne

If this is your first time booking Escorts in Melbourne we’d like to welcome you to Sexy Melbourne Escorts. We are Melbourne’s number 1 premier provider of Escorts in Melbourne. We have heterosexual female Escorts in Melbourne available in addition to bisexual female Escorts in Melbourne available for couples. Our Melbourne Escorts visit clients in all suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, 7 days and nights per week.

We have first time clients who have never booked Escorts before, book our Melbourne Escorts every day of the week. We make all first time new clients welcome, feel comfortable and ensure they are matched with Escorts in Melbourne who suit their needs. We also ensure we explain the process of booking Escorts for the first time and what to expect as a client.

Please keep reading below if this is your first time booking an Escort:

Melbourne Escorts Understand First Time Clients Needs

Many first time clients who haven’t booked Escorts in Melbourne before, have told us they were very hesitant and unsure whether booking Escorts is legal. Booking Escorts in Melbourne through our Melbourne Escort Agency is 100% legal.

Clients who haven’t booked Escorts before say they are hesitant about knowing that a good looking lady would turn up. First time clients also say they were concerned that a different Escort may turn up; an Escort that doesn’t match the description provided over the phone or match a picture provided to them.

  • We understand the above concerns if you’ve never booked an Escort before. Hopefully we can provide some reassurance:
    • Our reception staff will always gather many details from you about the type of Escort you’d be attracted to and what sexual services you’d like your Escort to provide. This ensures we will match you with a lady that suits your needs.
    • We will never provide you with an Escort that doesn’t suit your needs or match what you’re looking for. Why? It’s just bad business. We are very open and honest about wanting to retain you as one of our valued clients forever. How do we do that? Simply by giving you Escorts in Melbourne you’ll be happy with.

Where issues often arise for first time clients booking Escorts in Melbourne, is they receive a very generic or standardised, ‘one size fits all’ service. Whereby it is assumed that all clients who want to book Melbourne Escorts are looking for the same thing. Now you may be reading this and think, but yes, ‘we are all looking for sexy Escorts in Melbourne to spend time with or have sex with’. While that is true on the most basic level, it’s really saying or making the assumption ‘any Escort in Melbourne will do’. Unfortunately many companionship services do offer generic, one size fits all, any Melbourne Escort will do; however client satisfaction in this business model is very low. Why?

All clients are looking for much more than ‘just spending time with sexy Escorts in Melbourne’. Here’s why:

  1. Every client is different and therefore has different preferences as to what Escorts you find attractive.
    • Do you want Redhead Escorts or Blonde Escorts? Do you like Aussie Escorts? Asian Escorts? or African Escorts? Do you like ladies who are short or tall? Are you attracted to ladies who are very thin, or do you prefer a chubby lady? Maybe you’d like Escorts in Melbourne who are very toned and athletic? As you can see, there are many different looking Escorts in Melbourne. To ensure you’re matched with a lady you’re attracted to, we need to know your tastes and preferences.
  2. Every client has different sexual needs.
    • Not all Escorts in Melbourne offer the same sexual service. E.g. some Melbourne Escorts offer anal sex, while some do not. Some offer Pornstar Experience (PSE) while some only offer GFE. While some female Escorts only offer a vanilla sexual experience to clients (light massage, oral sex and penetration). It is therefore very important to understand your individual sexual needs so we can match you with a lady that provides those sexual services.
  3. Every client has different expectations of what they want from their Escort experience.
    • Some clients want a Melbourne Escorts experience that is a quick stress relief, e.g. a wham-bam in a 1 hour (*our shortest booking available is 1 hour. Please see Melbourne Escorts rates for more information). Whereas many clients want longer bookings, such as a 4 hour booking that is slower, more romantic and intimate such as the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). Couples who book our bisexual Escorts for couples usually book for a minimum of 2 hours.
  4. Just as each of our Melbourne Escorts varies in appearance and sexual service offered, so does their personalities – for bookings that are long, e.g. overnight or longer; it is imperative that you are matched with Escorts in Melbourne that you’re going to get along with.

Hopefully you can see just from those 4 points that a generic, ‘one size fits all’ Melbourne Escorts service isn’t likely to satisfy your needs. As a very proud Melbourne Escort Agency that takes pride in having the best Escorts in Melbourne and satisfying our clients, the biggest disappointment would be knowing any of our clients had a booking with one of our ladies, and wasn’t satisfied. Hence why we don’t offer generic ‘one size fits all’ services.


How do you book Escorts In Melbourne?

Booking our Escorts in Melbourne is a very quick and straightforward process. Here’s a very easy to read and understand guide:

  • Call 1300 15 16 17 and our friendly reception will great you.
  • We want you to tell us exactly what sort of Melbourne Escorts experience you’re looking for.
    • please refer to points 1-4 above.
    • if you’re totally unsure, please let reception know and they will guide you through.
  • Reception staff will then see which of our Melbourne Escorts are available that match the requirements you’ve mentioned.
  • Reception will let you know the total costs for your booking. A deposit will be required to secure your Escort booking.
  • Your Escort will arrive at the agreed upon time and provide the sexual services you mentioned to reception that you’re looking for.

It really is as easy as that!

What happens when my Escort arrives?

  • Greet your Escort like you would any other welcomed guest!
  • If you are paying cash, please have your payment ready within the first few minutes of your Escort arriving. Let’s not make things awkward. You can have it in an unsealed envelope or just hand the amount in cash directly to her.
  • Your Escort will notify her security driver via their telephone that payment has been made, and your booking has commenced.
  • Enjoy yourself, enjoy your time with your sexy Melbourne Escort.
  • Your Escort will likely give you a friendly reminder as it gets closer to the finishing time of your booking. E.g. 10 minutes to go, they may just politely say ‘we only have 10 more minutes’ or similar.
    • Many clients who are enjoying spending time with their gorgeous Escorts in Melbourne, don’t want their time to end. They would like to spend more time, and as such extend their booking. If you’d like to make a booking extension, just ask your Melbourne Escort and she will contact reception to see if it’s possible.
    • If you do extend your booking, you will need to pay for the additional time you’d like then and there – clients will either give cash directly to their lovely Escort or make an electronic payment to Melbourne Escort Agency bank account. Please note: you can not extend your booking if you do not have funds available immediately to do so (you can not pay after your extended time).

Our reception team can be contacted directly on 1300 15 16 17, or if you are looking for a more private way of communicating – you can contact reception online.