First Time Booking An Escort In Melbourne

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to Sexy Melbourne Escorts; Melbourne's number 1 premier High Class Melbourne Escort Agency - a service provider offering our clientele, both males and heterosexual couples a unique, personalised female companionship experience.

Melbourne Escort Agency That Understands Your Needs

In any service, whether it be offering high class Escorts in Melbourne or a specialised financial service - the key is understanding the need of each client, and tailoring a service specific to their individual need (in our case, an Escort experience tailored specific to each clients' needs).

Where issues arise, especially in the Escort world, is when a standardised, 'one size fits all' approach is used - this would assume all clients who seek the professional services of a Melbourne Escort Agency are looking for the same thing? Many first time clients would say but yes, 'we are all looking for a female Escort to spend time with' - that is true on the most basic level; however that is making the assumption 'any Escort will do'. Unfortunately many companionship services do offer generic, one size fits all, any lady will do; however client satisfaction in this business model is very low.

All clients are really looking for much more than 'just spending time with a female Escort in Melbourne'. Here's why:

  1. You are all different and thus have different preference to what you find attractive - e.g. do you want an Escort who is a Redhead or Blonde? Aussie, Asian or African? Do you like ladies who are short or tall? As you can see, on the physical attributes alone it would be very dissatisfying if you have a preference in how you'd like your Escort to look, and you don't receive a Melbourne Escort your'e attracted to.
  2. Each and every client has different sexual needs. Some clients want an experience that is a quick stress relief, e.g. a wham-bam in an hour (*our shortest booking with an Escort in Melbourne is 1 hour), while some clients want 3 hour booking that is slower, more romantic and intimate such as the Girlfriend Experience (GFE).
  3. Not all female Escorts who represent Sexy Melbourne Escorts offer the same sexual service. E.g. some offer anal sex, while some do not. Some offer Pornstar Experience (PSE) while some only offer GFE. While some female Escorts only offer a standard experience (light massage, oral sex and penetration).
  4. Just as each of our ladies varies in appearance and sexual service offered, so does their personalities - for bookings that are long, e.g. overnight or longer; it is imperative that you have a female companion that you're going to get along with.

Hopefully you can see just from those 4 points that a generic, 'one size fits all' Escort service isn't likely to satisfy your needs. As a high class Melbourne Escort Agency, the biggest disappointment would be knowing a client had a booking with one of our ladies, and wasn't satisfied. Hence why we don't offer generic stadardised services.

If you haven't already had a look, here's a quick guide to being a valued client of a Melbourne Escort Agency & 10 things not to ask your high class Escort. Both a great read! These blogs are about getting the most out of your relationship with both the Agency and female companion.

Book A Melbourne Escort Experience In Confidence

First time booking an Escort with Melbourne Escorts

You can book a Melbourne Escort experience in confidence with our Melbourne Escort Agency, knowing you will be matched with a female companion that will not only satisfy your needs; but exceed your expectations. You know she isn't randomly chosen - rather she has been carefully matched to your preferences - so please don't be shy with providing as much detail as you can. Your sexual satisfaction lies in the details of knowing exactly what you want. Our reception staff will not offer you a companion if we aren't confident you'll be satisfied. It's as simple as that!

What happens when you call Sexy Melbourne Escorts?

  • You will be greeted by our friendly reception staff and asked 'how can we help you?'
  • We want y
    ou to tell us exactly what you want and need.
  • Reception staff will then match your needs with one of our our high class Melbourne Escorts.
  • Finalise payment. Rates and booking information can be found here.
  • Your female Escort is on their way to you.

It really is as easy as that!

What to expect when your stunning Escort arrives?

  • Greet your Escort like you would any other welcomed guest!
  • If you are paying cash, please have your payment ready within the first few minutes of your Escort arriving. Let's not make things awkward.
  • Your Escort will notify the security driver via their telephone that payment has been made, and your booking has commenced.
  • Enjoy yourself, enjoy your time with your high class Melbourne Escort.

Our reception team can be contacted directly on 1300 15 16 17, or if you are looking for a more private way of communicating - we have an easy to use online contact form.