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I hoped you enjoyed my first Escort blog post, How to Make A Great Impression on Your Melbourne Escort. From the many years of experience I have gained working as a private Escort and also for Escort Agencies, I believe clients will always have a better time once they have followed these easy steps. After all gentlemen, we are here to please you and love doing so.

Escort Service Is A Professional Transaction

Let's be purely factual for a brief moment, no BS; just facts. When you call Melbourne Escorts and ask to book me for 2 hours this Friday night - we enter into an agreement. For the monies exchanged, you as a client pay an agreed amount, I as a worker perform a service and are in receipt of some of that monies. The Melbourne Escort Agency also takes a booking fee to cover relevant costs.

You have the choice of paying me directly upon my arrival - always pay upon the arrival of any lady to your room. If you prefer, you can make arrangements with the Agency to either pay by PayPal or credit card. Either way - monies must be exchanged for your booking to go ahead.

Please gentlemen, don't make an awkward situation out of nothing. You know I need to be paid, once it is done, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Escort tip: if you want to make the exchange of monies less of a formal transaction, yet you still want to pay cash - upon my arrival, let me know there is something for me in the bathroom of your Melbourne hotel suite, and that I may want to freshen up; leave the money in there for me.

Make Your Time More Enjoyable With Your Escort

Keeping with our client-worker transaction theme, this last part is very important and almost certainly overlooked by most clients. As a Sex Worker, I understand very well the general gist and expectation of what clients want. However. When I enter a room with you, and we have never seen each other before, nerves will always be flying. As a professional Escort, my nerves are likely to be under better control than yours. When I try and make you comfortable, or ease into things, clients often want to know if I'm having a good time or going to orgasm.

Gentlemen, I love my job and thankfully have enjoyed 90% of every booking I have performed. And let me tell you, that's a lot of cock and friction, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part.

When clients reiterate and keep trying to push the 'I want you to enjoy yourself' aspect, it puts unnecessary pressure on both of us. More importantly, it eats into the precious time of our booking. Even if you have booked me for 3 hours, this unnecessary pressure doesn't help either of us. Relax, know I'm here because I want to be here, and lets have some fun!

Respect Privacy

Sex Workers often are misrepresented by society, but let me tell you one thing that holds true in 99% of Escorts - you can trust them. As a high class Escort, I have spent time with some of the biggest names to ever walk the planet. Performed sex acts not even some porn sites have videos of. I would never, ever betray the confidentiality of my clients. Ever.

The more time any warm blooded creature spends with another, bonds are formed and relationships become closer. If you see a working lady regularly, despite the many intimate moments you share with her, and confidential secrets you entrust in her. Don't start probing into her personal life - too much. Be nice, make conversation, ask and value her opinion on things. But please guys, don't start trying to 'save me', 'work' me out or worse; try and piece together what I get up to, and where I frequent in "my time". No one likes being made uncomfortable, and as Sex Workers, we all try our hardest to make you feel comfortable at all times. We too can be made uncomfortable, and despite it potentially having a negative impact on your service, it is just not nice.

This is the end of Part 2 of 2, 'Make A Great Impression On Your Melbourne Escort'. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and if it helps you get the most out of your time with any Escort - my job is done.

Adriana xx

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