Making a last minute Melbourne Escort Agency booking

As a premier Melbourne Escort Agency, Escorts Melbourne does offer last minute bookings with female Escorts to all clientele.  In today’s busy society plans often change, not always for worse; you may get that extra few hours to enjoy to yourself and have some downtime. Who better to enjoy a few hours with than a sexy Melbourne Escort who will treat you like a king – either in your hotel room, restaurant, day spa or maybe you have something else in mind? If the situation arises whereby you get some free time, call reception directly on 1300 15 16 17 to arrange a sexy Escort of your choice– much quicker than sending an online enquiry.

Are all Melbourne Escorts available at short notice?

In short, the answer is no. This is a highly variable question, dependent on many factors such as: the time you call, which Escorts are working that shift, how fatigued the ladies are (each shift can be very different) how many Escorts are available at the time you call, are there prepaid bookings during or just after the time slot you’re wanting – plus many more. Our Melbourne Escort Agency always suggests booking in advance whenever you can to avoid disappointment.

Why would a Melbourne Escort not want a booking at short notice?

I love being honest in the articles I write, and from the feedback of clients and those who read my publications – so do you. From a business point of view, what Melbourne Escort Agency wouldn’t want as many bookings as possible? More bookings equates to more profit doesn’t it? When I was first a high class Melbourne Escort, I thought this view was ‘how it was and should be’. Work more and earn more. After many years in the Escort Industry, I can tell you this is a very short term mentality – why? In simple terms, the worker will burn out. Female Escorts, Male Escorts or any Escort is not a robot – it is a mentally and physically demanding job. Burning the candle at both ends, while maintaining a life and work – guarantee to burn out.

Here are the reasons why I and many other Melbourne Escorts would chose not to perform bookings last minute:

Before I mention my reasons why, I’d firstly like to say Escorts Melbourne, a Melbourne Escort Agency I have been affiliated with for the last 4 years encourages all of their Escorts to rest when they need it – this is fantastic, and is why so many female Escorts from around Australia will continue to do work with them if they ever come to Melbourne. Any touring female Escorts looking for work while in Melbourne? Click here.

The predominant reason why short term bookings are not ideal (unless I know exactly what is expected of me in the booking, then I can make an educated decision as to whether I’d be prepared to service the client to my full potential) is because of the time it takes me to get ready so I’m looking my best, and my mental state is most ideal for the client to have maximum satisfaction. I’m sure you can all appreciate the physical time to get ready, and yes I’m an absolute princess while I’m working – but when I’m not, I’m like your everyday typical girl next door. I don’t wake up with a full head of makeup and hair perfect, nor am I waltzing the isles of the supermarket in my latest Chanel outfit. It would take me a good 1.5-2 hours for me to be ready to service a client as the high class Melbourne Escort that I am.

Prepare myself mentally – yes that’s right; and no, it doesn’t mean I’m a poor victim of prostitution! Ah, that’s an entirely different topic and something that really grinds my gears! Mental preparation is essential for any female Escort worker who wants not only to satisfy their clients, keep their Escort Agency management happy – but to ensure longevity of her own mental health. We are all human, each and every day we wake; we can be in a different mood; often for reasons that are outside of our control. If I am or was ever having a bad day, there is no way I can take that out on a client who is paying good money to be in my company – it is bad business and it is dam right rude. When my Melbourne Escort Agency lets me know my bookings in advance, upon accepting those bookings, I’ve mentally accepted and prepared for them. The element of unknown to service a client last minute can often cause me some anxiety which could potentially translate to my client – making him or them (if I’m performing a bisexual service) uncomfortable. Even when the fantastic reception team give all Escorts a detailed client briefing of what they want, many times a client has changed their direction of a booking within the first 10 minutes of it – yes it can throw even the most experienced high class Escorts. Example could be, wanting a full blown Porn Star Experience (PSE) with no prior warning – this is something that if I’m not mentally prepared for, I know I won’t be delivering the best service I’m capable of providing.

Lastly, I try myself to keep a good work / life balance to ensure I still love my job – I give this same advice to all new Melbourne Escort ladies who come under my wing. I spend a large amount of time working out, preparing my food, shopping for new outfits and jewellery, family time, downtime and of course there is work. Nothing irritates me more than when female Escorts who let themselves get out of shape start complaining to management of Melbourne Escort Agency as to why clients aren’t booking them. Ladies, how you look is a major part of this job! Yes it’s great if you can converse, give the best head jobs in town – but you still must maintain your physical body and health!

Contact Melbourne Escorts for a sexy female companion

Fortunately Melbourne Escorts have a diverse range of female Escorts available on all shifts – so the likelihood of you not finding a girl you like is minimal. Booking an Escort at short notice with Escorts Melbourne will only be difficult due to their high demand – basically if all ladies are busy and there is no one available or free; then there is no one free. Whenever you do book a female companion with these guys, you will know the girls are well rested, mentally prepared and eager to spend time with you!

Thanks for reading guys,

Adriana xxx – former high class Melbourne Escort and current Escort Agency consultant.